Dialics call tracking analytics demonstrates the efficacy of ongoing marketing campaigns and allows them to be modified in real time

Detailed data
Detailed data
Optimization options
Optimization options
User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface

Make better decisions about your marketing campaigns

In-depth analysis

Call analytics provides users with the necessary information about inbound calls. This information includes demographic data, the location of the caller, the duration of the call, conversion status, and the price of the call. Users get insights on the potential customer and the effectiveness of ongoing campaigns.

Budget allocation

With Dialics, you choose the way your budget is allocated. You can either set the budget capacity for a day or limit the daily number of calls. Payout settings are also customizable. You can opt to pay for every inbound call or only for the converted ones. Personalize your settings for the most convenient method to monitor your costs.

Scalability options

Analyzing the results of the ongoing campaigns and tracking your budget, you may decide to expand globally. Dialics offers numbers in over 50 countries with flexible payment options. Generate more leads from abroad while remaining at home.


Call analytics and reporting are useful for a variety of different business verticals.

Call Analytics Functionality

Profound analytical data received in real time helps to avoid playing a guessing game every time you set up a campaign.

Call Analytics Dashboard

The dashboard includes detailed analytics presented in colorful charts. The charts show the total number of received, converted, and missed calls as well as the information on ongoing campaigns, destinations, vendors, and buyers added to the account.

Detailed Call Logs

They include detailed information on each inbound call. In the call log, users see when the call was received, the name of the campaign, caller ID, vendor’s name, and destination, as well as the duration of the call, its payment status, and the call recording.

Advanced Filters

There are various filters available in the account for the users’ convenience. Inbound calls are grouped according to the date and time zone. Besides, there are filters by campaign, destination, vendor, and buyer.

Call Recordings

The option of call recording enables users to listen to the call, catch the keywords and use them in further campaigns. Call centers can train their staff with the help of the recordings of converted calls. This function can be disabled.

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  • What does Dialics analytics software do?

    The analytics of Dialics provide users with detailed information about their ongoing ad campaigns. The data includes the calls received, converted, and missed; payment options; and vendors and buyers added to the account. All those details provide users with insights on how to improve their campaigns and increase earnings.

  • How does call tracking analytics help sales and marketing departments?

    Sales departments see the percentage of the converted calls, so they can improve the skills of the staff answering the phone to increase the number of sales. Marketing departments assess the budget allocated to ad campaigns in relation to the number of quality leads generated and optimize the campaigns to raise the performance indicators.

  • What features are available with call analytics software?

    The Dialics software shows detailed information about the inbound calls, which allows users to improve the ongoing campaigns. Advanced filtering of the calls and campaigns is included in the functionality. Besides, Dialics provides users with call recordings and call routing so they do not lose any leads and increase conversion rates.

  • What are the main benefits?

    The main benefit lies in the transparency of the information. Applying any change to the current ad campaign, users will immediately see the result of that in the analytics. Thus, the optimization process is flexible and clear. The possibility to add vendors and buyers to the account allows for expanding the business network and increasing profit.

  • How much does call tracking analytics software cost?

    The price is calculated individually depending on your requirements. Please feel free to study the details about Dialics pricing terms.

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