CALL TRACKING FOR Media Buying Agencies

Bring top audiences to your clients with call tracking software, contributing to the reputation of an effective agency.

Transparent analytics
Transparent analytics
High-quality leads
High-quality leads
Increased profit
Increased profit


Analyze the analytical data from the inbound calls to drive conversions and allocate budgets wisely.

Increase traffic volumes
Increase Traffic Volumes

Dialics opens up opportunities to spend less per lead and to make more conversions at the same time. Get the most out of the functionality to increase customer satisfaction.

Detailed analytics
Detailed Analytics

Analytical data provides users with call recordings, call duration and outcome, as well as includes customers' route and other metrics stored safely in the call log.

Broad business community
Broad Business Community

Add publishers and vendors to the account and share the results of the ad campaigns with stakeholders. Create an effective campaign to raise awareness of your agency's brand.


Interractive Voice Response

IVR is a convenient way of processing calls and connecting callers to the required departments of a company. A well-structured IVR menu should contain clear actions and options to automate the connection, record voice messages, and request a call back.

All those options add to the customer service and enhance customer satisfaction. Media buying agencies cannot afford to lose conversions. With the IVR menu, not a single lead will be missed out.

Interractive Voice Response
Manage agents
Manage agents

Dialics allows account managers to add vendors and buyers to the account. It means that several agents can be added to the same account, making it easy for the manager to track their performance.

It is possible to see the calls processed, to listen to call recordings, and to assess the performance of their campaigns. Therefore, Dilaics provides media buying agencies with a tool to assess the contributions of the agents and, if necessary, to set up any training based on call records.

Different types of call routing

Dialics offers two types of call routing, allowing agencies to optimize their workload and increase conversions. Automated routing enables sending inbound calls to destinations according to the set schedules, restrictions, and concurrency rules.

Therefore, the working hours of the employees can be arranged conveniently. IVR routing is able to direct calls to qualified specialists in various departments of the client's business, i.e., logistics, warehousing, sales, etc.

Different types of call routing


  • What is call tracking?

    Call tracking is the process of monitoring your current advertising campaigns that imply a direct contact with leads. A target audience is shown an advertisement with a contact phone number. When a person dials the number, analytical data is received in the online call tracking account. This data shows the location of the caller, the duration of the call, the cost per lead, and other important metrics. Analyzing this data, marketers can optimize their campaigns, making them more profitable and productive.

  • Why is call tracking important for media buying agencies?

    Media buying agencies should bring brands to their target audiences. Therefore, they should know where those audiences are. Call tracking allows them to probe the market and to instantly react if there were wrong decisions made about some of the marketing strategies. Transparent analytics allow them to adapt ad campaigns easily, making them more profitable.

  • Is it easy to move from another call tracking service to Dialics?

    Sure, it is. You can do it in two ways: either redirect your calls to Dialics’ phone numbers or buy new virtual phone numbers offered by our service.

  • Is it safe to use Dialics?

    The Dialics team understands that some types of businesses have to handle sensitive clients’ information. For instance, they may deal with health issues, financial services, or insurance terms. The secret to the agency’s reputation is the confidence of its clients. The data about inbound calls as well as the call recordings is safeguarded and stored securely in the online Dialics account. The Dialics platform is TRUSTe and Privacy Shield certified. SAML and two-factor authentication are both supported by Dialics.

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