Convert your phone leads into loyal customers with the help of call tracking software.

High conversion rates
High conversion rates
Marketing budget Management
Marketing budget Management

Make your working shedule FILLED WITH LESSONS

Understand callers better

Utilize the data about the calls that includes the keywords requested in the Google search, the location of the callers, their income level, etc. Listen to the call recordings to learn more about what they expect from you and the goals they want to achieve.

Boost marketing ROI

Analyze the amounts spent on ad campaigns and the prices for leads. Optimize your current ad campaigns with keywords to attract more callers and receive cheaper leads. Determine the most productive traffic channels and disable ineffective advertising.

Capture missed opportunities

Customize the destinations for callers and set the call-back option in the event of busy lines. Make sure you contact each lead while spam and fraudulent calls are blocked. Keep the calls' status in the call log to get back to them if necessary.


The functionality of Dialics enhances the marketing strategy of various businesses in the sphere of the education industry:


  • Why does the educational industry need a call tracking service?

    Potential students prefer to contact an educational institution before making an appointment. By placing a virtual phone number on each of your ads, let it be a Google banner, website landing page, Facebook ad, or offline ads, you will know where your leads come from. You will be able to choose several traffic channels so as not to blow budgets everywhere. You will create a customer profile to get to know your clients better and to be able to satisfy their requirements with your service.

  • What are the main benefits of Dialics call tracking software?

    Dialics allows its users to enhance their marketing campaigns, resulting in wise budget allocation. All the missed calls are safely stored in the call log, providing agents with an opportunity for a call-back. The software is protected against spam and fraudulent calls. Call recordings provide practice material for the staff and allow you to better understand the demands of your customers.

  • How much does call tracking cost?

    The cost is determined by numerous criteria, including the type of numbers purchased, the amount of minutes each call, and the nation with whom you desire to do business. Please visit the pricing page to learn the tariffs for the 50 countries that Dialics deals with.

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