Transform your phone call inquiries into appointments with the help of call tracking software.

Spending less On marketing
Spending less On marketing
High customer satisfaction
high customer satisfaction


Find the most profitable channels

Analyze the existing advertising campaigns with the help of instant analytical data on inbound calls. Choose the ads generating the most leads and optimize the performance of others by adding relevant keywords. Get rid of the unproductive ads.

Provide superior customer service

Train your staff to demonstrate excellent soft skills. Use call recording to practice. Customize the IVR menu to allow patients to be immediately connected to a required specialist. Utilize the call-back option in case the call was missed or the line was busy.

Improve appointment ratess

All the calls will be safely stored in the call log, providing you with an opportunity to monitor the number of leads. Spam and fraudulent calls are filtered, so you will not waste your time on them. Add a pay per call option to your ads, allowing a handy way to connect with you.


The functionality of Dialics enhances the marketing strategy of various businesses in the sphere of the healthcare industry:


  • How does call tracking in healthcare work?

    Every healthcare institution invests money in marketing. Google banners, website landing pages, Facebook advertisements, or billboards on city streets might all be part of the marketing campaign. Each of these advertisements is given a virtual phone number provided by the call tracking provider. With the first calls, the analytical data about which of the ads generated the call, the duration of the call, the outcome, etc., is shown in the call tracking account. This data allows marketers to optimize the campaigns, save resources, and improve performance.

  • What is HIPAA compliance in the context of healthcare organizations?

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects sensitive patients’ information. It covers any information concerning therapy, surgeries, fees, and so forth. Any healthcare institution should guarantee the safety of patients’ personal data.

  • Why is HIPAA compliance required while utilizing call tracking systems?

    Any call tracking software allows users to record calls for the purpose of training or assessing staff. Patients may provide sensitive information regarding their health difficulties during the conversations, so that data is not disclosed to any third parties. If the institution fails to comply with HIPAA, it puts both the patients and the clinic at danger. The punishment varies by nation and can vary from a fine to the possibility of closure.

  • How does Dialics approach HIPAA compliance?

    Dialics provides virtual phone numbers in 50 countries. If you represent a healthcare institution, please ensure that you are HIPAA compliant and are aware of the call recording conditions in your country. In certain countries, callers must be notified about the call recording procedure; in others, they must consent to it. The regulations vary depending on a particular country. You may explore the details about international numbers on this page.

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