To acquire more loyal consumers, you must first understand their needs.

Know the customer journey from keyword to call
Know the customer journey from keyword to call
Get more calls with Dialics
Get more calls with Dialics


Manage marketing budget

Consumers come to insurance companies after a profound Google search. Explore the most productive traffic channels and the best performing ads to avoid blowing away marketing dollars. Study the customer journey to learn what your clients are looking for.

Convert the leads into loyal customers

If a client calls an insurance firm, it is not a guarantee that they will come to sign a contract. Improve your staff's soft skills with training based on actual call recordings. Impress your callers with exceptional customer service, expert assistance, and minimal waiting time.

Attract more clients

Study the analytical data in the customer profile. Explore your customers' location, income level, and listen to the calls to know what kind of insurance they need. Make a detailed image of your target audience so you can persuade them your product is reliable and worth money.


The functionality of Dialics enhances the marketing strategy of various businesses in the sphere of the insurance industry:
Affiliates Life Insurance

Set a well-structured IVR menu and a call-back option to make yourself available 24 hours a day. Do not miss a single lead.

Call Centers Health Insurance

Probe the market to learn where your leads come from. Provide them with easy access to your firm with a “Call Now” option on your landing pages.

Marketing Agencies Disabilty Coverage

Train your staff with call recordings to offer excellent customer experience on the most sensitive and complicated issues.

Small and Medium Entrepreneur Auto Insurance

Provide your customers with competent consultations over the phone to make them want to arrange an appointment and sign an agreement.

Enterprises Property Insurance

Set the appropriate destinations so as not to lose any inbound calls, while not paying attention to fraudulent calls. Block the irritating spam callers.

Enterprises Commercial Insurance

Store the data safely in the call log to know the outcomes of each call. Share the information with the insurance providers in the Excel reports.


  • Is Dialics good for insuring specialist products?

    The sphere of insurance is versatile. Some types of insurance contracts can be compiled and signed online. Customers who have more specific inquiries expect a more attentive approach. Dialics is able to boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by making your services appealing to selective clients and concerns such as huge corporate contracts, rare commodities, or antique autos.

  • Is it safe to use Dialics?

    The Dialics team realizes the importance of safety regulations in the insurance industry. The customers of any insurance firm may share sensitive information over the phone. Dialics protects your data and the personal data of your clients. We hold Privacy Shield and TRUSTe certification. Dialics accepts two-factor authentication as well as SAML.

  • How can I increase conversion with call tracking?

    Call monitoring enables marketers to keep track of their promotional budgets and examine the performance of ongoing marketing campaigns. With a single click, you may delete the underperforming campaign. Besides, you can improve the performance of the productive ones by adding appealing keywords. You can also increase conversion by improving the customer satisfaction level. Add greetings to the calls, allow callers to select their preferred language, and configure the IVR menu to route calls to the appropriate experts.

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