Drive more customers to your clients by tracking ongoing campaigns and demonstrating a high ROI.

Call optimisation
Monitor the budget
High-end analytics
Increase conversion rates
Easy scaling
Optimize ad campaigns


Analyze the results of the ad campaigns to receive more leads and decrease costs.

Professional tool
Professional Tool

Dialics is an intuitive call tracking software that is seamlessly integrated into existing systems and is capable of significant performance improvement.

Detailed analytics
Detailed Analytics

Analyze and improve your advertising strategies to get more leads for less money. Add the most frequently used keywords to attract concerned customers.

Acquire real-time analytics
Satisfied Customers

Your clients will feel secure knowing their money is not being wasted after receiving comprehensive data regarding the performance of recent ads.


Interractive Voice Response

A well-designed IVR menu provides users with great assistance in terms of saving time and resources. If your client provides a variety of goods and services, an IVR enables callers to connect with the agent handling a specific advertisement.

It increases the degree of client satisfaction and aids in the efficient and practical organization of the workload. Phone calls with competent professional assistance turn leads into repeat customers.

Interractive Voice Response
Interractive Voice Response
Different types of call routing

There are two available types of routing with Dialics.

Automated routing allows calls to be sent to destinations according to their priority. Scheduling, setting restrictions, and concurrency rules allow you to set convenient hours for receiving and processing calls.

IVR routing links calls to the appropriate departments within the advertiser's business, enabling it to give leads professional phone support.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

DNI is the process of attaching a short JavaScript code to each of the advertising campaigns. As a result, each lead is assigned a unique number and the analytical data reflects their detailed browsing history. It allows marketers to trace the leads' routes and understand their requirements better.

This information can be presented in the form of reports to the customers and used to optimize the ads with frequent keywords.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)


  • How can Dialics help to improve ROI?

    Transparent analytics available at any time in the call tracking account demonstrate the effectiveness of the current ad campaigns. By assessing the number of leads generated by each ad and the cost per lead, you can optimize the marketing strategy and ensure the best ROI.

  • Is it possible to view data for multiple clients?

    As a manager of the online call tracking account, you can add buyers and vendors to your account. Their access will be restricted by their roles, but you will be able to see the data regarding all of them. Add as many clients as you wish as you grow your business network.

  • Is it possible to see lead data from non-calls like forms and chats on the website?

    We are currently working on this feature and it will be added to the functionality as soon as possible.

  • Can I easily switch to Dialics from another call tracking service?

    Yes, you can. It can be made in two ways. You can either redirect your calls to our phone numbers or buy new virtual phone numbers offered by Dialics.

  • How to start using Dialics?

    You need to register an online account and start using the functionality of Dialics. No downloading or special installation is needed. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Dialics seamlessly integrates into existing CRM systems and contributes to their functionality. You pick up virtual phone numbers, pay for the minutes of calls, assign numbers to your ad campaigns and start receiving the analytical data. Available phone numbers include local, mobile, toll-free, and international ones.

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