Use call recordings to evaluate the performance of your staff and fish out valuable insights about your product.

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What is call recording?

Call recording is the process of recording conversations with leads who dialed a phone number indicated in an ad. Those call recordings are stored in the online account and can easily be accessed by a manager of the account. Through listening to the recordings, marketers can get valuable feedback about the service provided. With this information at hand, they can optimize current ad campaigns, add more relevant keywords, improve customer service, and even decide to modify the product. Besides, call recordings provide agents with staff assessment data, based on which it is easy to arrange a soft skills training session if necessary.

What are the benefits of using call recording?

Accurate inbound call recordings

Enable call recording when it is needed and disable it in case a caller shares some sensitive information. Keep the records safely in the call log, ensuring only a registered manager of the account has access to them. Listen to the recordings any time to fish out the most frequent keywords and get honest callers’ feedback about your product or service.

Staff evaluation

Assess your staff’s performance by listening to the way they interact with leads. Arrange soft skills training sessions for the agents if it is necessary and use real case studies from the call recordings to demonstrate perfect interaction with callers.

Dispute resolution

Various situations might happen on the phone. It might be difficult to spot the reason for the customer’s irritation. With the option of call recording turned on, all controversial situations will be easily resolved. Penalties won't be imposed on your personnel, and clients will appreciate the high level of service.

How does call recording work?

When you create campaigns in the settings of your online Dialics account, you can choose to enable or disable a call recording function. If the option is on, you will receive a recording of each inbound call into the call log together with other analytical data regarding this call. The recording is stored in the call log and can be accessed only by the account manager. If you do not need to record calls, you only need to switch off this feature. Call recording regulations vary in different countries, so make sure you are aware of the requirements in your location. This is especially important if you deal with sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or health issues.


How to set up business call recording?

Step 1

Step 1

Register an account on

Step 2

Step 2

Create destinations for the purchased virtual numbers.

Step 3

Step 3

Create campaigns, specify their names, choose destinations, and enable a recording option.

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