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In terms of hacking assaults like traffic pumping, war dialing, or other forms of phone fraud, no call tracking provider can completely guarantee the security of their virtual phone numbers. Dialics is carefully treating its customers, doing everything possible to protect them from spammers and scammers. The spam filtering feature allows users to indicate such calls, block them, and exclude them from the analytics. As a result, agents on the phone will not be distracted or irritated, and the analytical data will be clear and transparent for all the stakeholders.

What are the benefits of using spam blocking?

Keep the data clean and the reports accurate

Include only relevant calls from high-quality leads in your analytical reports. If you are a marketing affiliate and you are paid a commission for every lead, you wish your reports to be accurate. Marketing agencies and businesses are interested in transparent analytics about their ad campaigns as well.

High performance indicators

With unwanted calls blocked, your staff will be able to concentrate on better performance. The stress level is decreased, allowing them to get ready for every inbound call.

Reduced usage costs

Decrease your cost per minute by blocking spam calls. Understand your commission rates and ROI to avoid wasting money on fraudulent and robocalls.

How does spam blocking work?

Spam calls are often repeated. They all come from the same source, annoy recipients, and spoil the analytics. When an agent receives such a call, they can enable spam filtering for it. It is done in the setting of a campaign. A user just clicks on the “Spam Filter” checkbox and specifies the time period for repeated calls. The time period is not limited. Therefore, a repeated call from this number will be received after this period. If an agent is sure this is a spam call, they can block it forever and forget about it. Those calls will not be visible in analytics and the minutes will not be spent. Therefore, the overall performance of the campaign remains unaffected.


How to set up spam blocking?

Step 1

Step 1

Enable the checkbox “Spam Filter” in the settings of a campaign.

Step 2

Step 2

Enable the checkbox “Filter Anonymous Calls as Spam” in the popup field.

Step 3

Step 3

Set the time period in seconds for repeated calls. Users may permanently ban calls from this number since the time frame is unbounded.

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