Dialics glossary:
call tracking definition

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  • Account notifications are short messages sent by the support team to the manager of a Dialics account regarding any unexpected troubles on the side of a provider or technical issues with the Dialics account. If any unexpected problems arise, the account manager will be notified via email.

  • An affiliate company is a partner company that takes responsibility for selling the goods and services of another company and earns commissions for that.

  • An affiliate manager is a person dealing with selling leads to the company that advertises its goods or services. An affiliate manager can organize the work of an affiliate department, track the performance of the agents, improve and optimize current campaigns, and make decisions regarding the effectiveness of an advertising strategy.

  • Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that implies attracting a third-party company to deal with lead generation and advertising campaign promotion. An affiliate marketer may be a whole marketing agency or a sole entrepreneur. In the affiliate marketing strategy, affiliates are paid commissions for generating quality leads.

  • An affiliate network is a group of companies that share leads between each other and receive some commission for them. Affiliate companies may not provide services in the same sphere. However, they recommend the products and services of the affiliate to their clients.

  • AHT is the standard metric used by call centers to measure the performance of their agents. The indicators may vary depending on the requests and functionality of a particular call center. The Dialics call tracking software indicates the duration of a call from the moment a caller dials a number and to the moment one of the parties hangs up.

  • The first three digits of a phone number, which identify a specific geographic location, include an area code. Each state in North America has about 8 million phone numbers. If all the available numbers are used, additional area codes appear.

  • ARR indicates the amount of money received from a subscription each year. For instance, if a customer signed up to use your software for two years and paid $10,000, the ARR would be $5,000. To calculate ARR, you need to add the dollar amount of all subscriptions to the revenue connected to installation and other support services and subtract the cancellations.

  • A group of people united by some characteristic features. A target audience profile often includes information on the age, gender, interests, income level, and typical "pains" of the potential customers.

  • B2B is one out of three models that show who the target audience of a business is. The B2B model implies that a business provides products and services to another business owner.

  • B2C is one out of three models that show who the target audience of a business is. A business-to-consumer model presupposes selling products from a manufacturer directly to a customer, avoiding interactions with retailers.

  • With the Internet being an inseparable part of our lives, information volumes are becoming greater and greater. In order to improve business performance metrics, the volume of information that is received every day needs to be saved, processed, and useful insights should be used appropriately.

  • Blocked numbers are those that agents do not want to take. Blocking numbers is helpful to prevent spam calls so that analytics do not collect data on them.

  • Bot traffic is any inbound website traffic generated by non-humans. The term “bot” has a negative connotation, but not all bot traffic is bad for a website. There are bots that serve as virtual assistants and significantly facilitate the search process.

  • In a nutshell, business analytics is the process of collecting various data with the aim of its further analysis and practical application of the insights.

  • A busy signal is a succession of short dial tones. If the line is unavailable, a caller will hear a busy signal. There may be several reasons for a busy signal. An agent may be talking to someone else at this time, or your number may be blocked from the system.

  • Call attribution is the way of tracking inbound calls by assigning a unique virtual number to each traffic channel

  • This indicator shows how many callers decided to hang up before their request was solved. There may be several reasons for that.

  • A call management system is a combination of tools and methods that your business, call center, or contact center uses to process inbound calls and store the received data for further analysis

  • Call recording is the process of gathering phone conversations and video conferences for further analysis and application of the insights

  • Call tracking software is the process of monitoring your current advertising campaigns, optimizing them, and keeping an eye on the marketing budget.

  • This indicator demonstrates how many of the inbound calls are transferred to a different department or a more knowledgeable expert.

  • Making cold calls is a method of attracting new customers to your product or service. It is the process of calling people

  • An average conversion rate falls between 2 and 4%, depending on the industry. If the conversion rate is 10% or higher, you are the owner of a successful business.

  • The cost per call is necessary to know to estimate the productivity of a call center. It helps to allocate resources efficiently.

  • This metric is relevant for internal call centers that are part of a business producing services and goods. The customer retention rate indicates the number of loyal customers

  • CES is similar to NPS in that it offers customers one question. It is “On a scale from 1 to 5 (or 7), how easy was it for you to solve the problem with the help of our services?”

  • This metric shows if customers are satisfied with the service they received. Typically, customers are asked directly at the end of the conversation to rate the service from 1 to 5, and to follow up with feedback.

  • In marketing, a “daily budget” is the amount of money that an advertiser intends to spend in a day for a particular campaign or for an overall marketing strategy. Users of Google Ads and Meta Ads are provided with detailed descriptions of how to set relevant daily budgets. In terms of call tracking, a daily budget implies the number of calls that should be handled or the exact number of minutes that should be spent processing the calls. However, the daily budget is a variable value. If you exceed it one day, it may be compensated throughout the month. Thus, the daily budget is closely related to the monthly budget and cannot be calculated without it.

  • Dual-tone multi-frequency tones are telecommunications signals sent over voice frequencies. Those tones are used over phone lines; they are also called touch tones.

  • Dynamic number insertion is a handy feature of the call tracking software that enables marketers to connect a unique phone number to each of their ad campaigns. It is set with the help of a short code that is added when you customize an ad.

  • An email bounce rate is the percentage of emails that were not delivered to the recipients for some reason. This metric is crucial since it allows marketers to assess how much of their efforts were ineffective and see whether there is anything that can be done to enhance the indicator going forward.

  • According to Statista.com, Facebook has 2.9 million users. That makes this social network a great source of traffic for any business that decides to advertise its products and services there.

  • First contact resolution means that a caller receives competent and sufficient help when they first reach a contact center, and there is no need to call back for further details.

  • First response time is the period of time spent between the moment a consumer calls to report a problem and an agent tackles that problem.

  • Google Analytics is a web analytics service that assists businesses in their marketing efforts. It is the most widely used tool for analyzing website traffic. It provides users with data regarding the following metrics:

  • Google Tag Manager is a special tool that allows marketers to track the metrics of a website with the help of marketing tags without changing the code. In a nutshell, a tag manager helps users keep all the tags used on their website in one place and makes them accessible to Google Analytics.

  • Call tracking gives home service companies the chance to develop a solid marketing strategy, foster client loyalty, and draw in more qualified leads.

  • Interactive voice response, or IVR, is a way of efficiently routing calls to their recipients. In the IVR system, pre-recorded voice messages are played to the callers, allowing them to make an appropriate choice and dial a number depending on the service they wish to receive.

  • Inbound calls are made by customers or potential clients to the company. Customers may call for various reasons, concerning technical issues, logistics, payment queries, etc. Organizations’ call centers and help desks are responsible for handling the calls. Response time and help level affect customer satisfaction levels, conversion rates, and the credibility of the company's brand.

  • A caller ID in Dialics is the phone number and the name of the caller. A list of caller IDs is visible in the call log, along with the relevant analytical data concerning each of them. Users find there the length of calls, call recordings, destinations, etc.

  • A virtual company phone number used to answer incoming calls is known as an inbound number. Businesses utilize virtual inbound numbers to manage incoming call traffic. Virtual phone numbers do not require any special devices, apart from a stable Internet connection to be handled.

  • Those are messages sent via electronic mail to the recipient’s email address. They can be emails from the customers to the company’s corporate email or vice versa, newsletters sent by an organization to the clients or potential customers.

  • Offering excellent customer service will help you draw in more devoted customers and boost conversion rates. The moment your agent picks up the phone is crucial for your business as it affects the decision-making process of the caller

  • This metric is closely related to the first contact resolution. If the latter is low, there will be few repeated calls, and vice versa

  • By estimating the number of calls that are handled in a limited time period, you can understand if it is easy for the customers to get through and if the staff is competent enough to provide callers with the required information fast.