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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that implies attracting a third-party company to deal with lead generation and advertising campaign promotion. An affiliate marketer may be a whole marketing agency or a sole entrepreneur. In the affiliate marketing strategy, affiliates are paid commissions for generating quality leads. The conditions for the payment are set in advance and include the duration of the call, the result of it, the conversion, or any other agreed terms. By posting advertisements on several directories, platforms, and websites or sending advertisements to client lists, affiliate agencies or marketers may work with many businesses at once. In addition, an affiliate might also be the proprietor of an advertisement website. The more leads are generated, the bigger the commission is received.

Examples of affiliate marketing

Publishers, creators, and bloggers sell products from Amazon on their sites and other channels and receive commission for the sales. There are strict requirements on the content of the sites where the goods are produced. Affiliates can earn up to a 20% commission on the qualified sales if the deals correspond to the standards.


This is a huge marketplace for vintage and handmade goods. The scheme of affiliate marketing is the same: an affiliate receives a commission for selling the goods from Etsy on other channels.


The commission rates on this platform are lower, but the principle of work is the same.

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