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Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that assists businesses in their marketing efforts. It is the most widely used tool for analyzing website traffic. It provides users with data regarding the following metrics:

  • session duration
  • bounce rate
  • traffic source
  • conversion tracking
  • users’ geographical location
  • reporting

The list of features can be prolonged. The service is available for any type of business. Google Analytics is available as an open-source solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Larger businesses pay for a subscription because they need more functionality and capacity to satisfy their needs.

Why is Google Analytics important for my business?

Since the website is a face of any modern business, it is important to know how to make it attractive for the target audience to generate organic traffic. Users of Google Analytics may create comprehensive client profiles, identify the most effective traffic sources, and comprehend customer journeys. With the use of this data, marketers can enhance the functionality of their websites and landing pages, boost conversion rates, and boost sales.

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