International Call Tracking

Broaden your possibilities and expand your business globally with international virtual phone numbers from Dialics.

Call optimisation
Call optimisation
High-end analytics
high-end analytics
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easy scaling

International Call Tracking for 50+ Countries

Select a country or city from the list of available options and decide how many virtual phone numbers and of what type you need to launch a campaign.

International Call Tracking Benefits for your Business

Call Coverage in 50 Countries

Dialics enables its users to expand their businesses in 50 countries around the world. Use real-time analytical data to measure the performance of the current advertising campaigns and compare your marketing strategies in various countries. Multinational companies significantly facilitate the process of analyzing the number of leads and conversion rates in different countries, as the analytical data is safely stored in the online account. Reports can be easily downloaded and shared among the stakeholders in Excel format.

Call Attribution

Call attribution models allow you to gain insights regarding your international campaigns. The call tracking system accurately attributes the source of each international call. This enables businesses to identify which marketing campaigns, channels, or keywords are driving calls from specific regions or countries. The analytical data from both international and local inbound calls is delivered to the online call log, enabling businesses to examine their marketing initiatives and assess the outcomes. Users may effortlessly keep an eye on global operations while remaining in the same place.

Call Recording and Analytics

The ability to record and analyze international calls provides you with valuable insights into customer behavior, quality control, and training opportunities. International call tracking allows for transparent analytical data regarding the cost per lead, the quantity of leads created, the number of missed calls (if any), the keywords sought, and other metrics. Careful examination of call recordings enables easy assessment of the agents’ performance and customers’ first-hand feedback about the product. With this data, you can better focus your advertising efforts, experiment with new traffic sources, understand the target market, and assess the success of the team.

Support and Customer Service

With international numbers from Dialics, you can expand your business gradually and without any fuss. A free trial period allows users to explore the functionality and available types of virtual phone numbers. When you feel ready, you can add international numbers to your toolkit and explore the geographical possibilities of the market. Dialics empowers even sole entrepreneurs to introduce their services abroad. With the functionality of Dialics, you do not need a fully-packed marketing department to cope with the current tasks.

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