Interactive Voice Response

Increase customer satisfaction with a fully tailored IVR system. Provide them with perfect service with not a single lead lost.

Call distribution
Automatic receptionist
High conversion rates
Positive customer feedback
Automated routine
Enhanced performance

What is Interactive Voice response?

Automated customer care

Allow your customers to save time by using automated assistance instead of waiting for a live agent consultation during peak hours. Do not let a single customer fall behind.

Personalized experience

Create a personalized IVR tree with customizable greetings, multilingual options, and on-hold music. Make each customer feel special.

Reducing operational costs

Save your company’s budget with the help of an automated tool instead of employing a receptionist and investing in training.



Each company receives a number of typical requests on the phone every day. Setting the IVR menu to link appropriate professionals with specific concerns aids in providing timely and competent service to your consumers.

A well-designed IVR leads to increased customer satisfaction and allows businesses to automate their routine activities while freeing up resources for more challenging tasks.

How does IVR WORK ?

Step 1

Dialing the brand’s contact number

The customer dials the number indicated in an advertisement.

Setup 1
Step 2

Pre-recorded greetings

A brief greeting welcomes the caller to the firm.

Setup 2
Step 3

Information transfer to caller

The caller is given a set of alternatives and a course of action to pursue.

Setup 3
Step 4

Looking for agent interaction

When the choice is made, the caller is connected to a relevant expert or department.

Setup 4


Saving time for agents and callers

IVR routing enables callers to quickly select the option they need assistance with, while agents are ready to handle the most common queries.

Personalized customer experience

Setting up the IVR menu allows businesses to record greetings and provide services based on information from the client profile.

International coverage

The ability to select the language enables enterprises to expand their business globally and increase productivity by attracting international leads.

Reduced costs

A well-designed IVR menu is able to manage most of the typical requests of the customers, substituting the duties of a real receptionist.


Dial Up the Success

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  • Can I create my own IVR?

    Sure. Dialics offers its users an opportunity to customize greetings, set up destinations and monitor the performance of the agents on the phone.

  • What does IVR software cost?

    The price is calculated individually based on the number of virtual phone numbers purchased. To learn the details, visit our pricing page or contact the team.

  • How can I get this Interactive Voice Response System?

    IVR is provided as part of the Dialics call tracking functionality. To start exploiting the software, register online or request the demo.

  • What are the benefits of using the IVR system?

    Interactive voice response allows the transfer of customers’ calls to relevant departments. It enables the staff to save resources and be prepared for the next inbound call. The settings of the IVR system include a call-back option, which leads to zero missed calls and increased conversions. A well-designed IVR menu becomes a competent assistant ready to serve your business 24/7. Furthermore, when customers receive help quickly and without a long wait, they can leave positive feedback, improving the general reputation of your service on the market. By setting the greetings in different languages and implying a multilingual IVR service, you open up the possibilities for further company growth.

  • Do you offer international IVR solutions?

    IVR is available in 50 countries in the world as it is part of the Dialics call tracking system. The greetings and the menu can be customized according to the language used.

  • What else can Dialics do for my business?

    Dialics is a call tracking software that allows its users to track current advertising campaigns. When a customer dials the number indicated on the ad, the analytical data on the location of the caller, the Google request that was inserted, etc. is instantly shown in the account of a call tracking tool manager. This enables advertisers to customize their campaigns, monitor their budgets, and increase profits. Virtual phone numbers are available in 50 countries around the world, so you can grow your business while physically staying in one place.

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