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Number pools are an essential feature used in dynamic number insertion (DNI) and call tracking. They allow users of the Dialics platform to know where their calls come from, as well as customer behavior and important details for customer profiles.

Understanding Number Pools

Number pools are a collection of virtual phone numbers that are used to gather data from advertising channels and sources where customers come to you. Basically, those are multiple virtual phone numbers organized in a pool. When the DNI is set up, the system chooses a random number from the pool to show it to each new client. As a result, each new interaction is fixed in the call log with some important marketing metrics, such as the location of the caller, the ad they came from, the keywords they used, and others. With this data at hand, marketers examine their campaigns and make relevant changes to get better results.

A number pool may contain an unlimited number of phone numbers.** The quantity of numbers in the pool depends on the website traffic. Higher traffic requires more numbers to ensure accuracy. Insufficient numbers in a pool may lead to displaying the same number to multiple users, resulting in incorrect data. In this case, you will not know which of the channels led to a certain call.

Numbers added to the number pool are not displayed on the tracking numbers page and are not available to other Dialics users. If you delete a number from the pool, it will become available on the tracking numbers page. Numbers added to the pool cannot be added as tracking numbers to campaigns.

Creating Number Pools

To create a number pool, follow these steps:

  1. Name: assign a name to the pool for easy identification.
  2. Country: select the country for which numbers you are planning to buy and save in the pool. This guarantees that the pool will contain only the numbers of that particular country, which affects the formatting of the number for adding it to the site.
  3. Closed browser delay: set the time (in seconds) after which a displayed number becomes available for another user after closing the browser.
  4. Idle limit: define the maximum time (in seconds) for which a number should be reserved for a user session. After this time, the number becomes available to other users.
  5. Auto buy: this feature enables quick purchase of a specific quantity of numbers. It allows users to get the required quantity of phone numbers quickly and conveniently. Please note that the numbers are not bought immediately. For instance, if you purchase 200 numbers, it will take about 10 seconds for the transaction to be completed.

When the first pool is created, you can go on with customizing the DNI functionality.

Effective Usage of the Number Pools

To use number pools effectively:

  • Create a separate number pool for each marketing channel or campaign to ensure accurate attribution of calls and conversions.
  • Make sure each dynamic tracking number within a number pool is linked to a traffic source. Read more about traffic source settings in this article.
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