Looking to boost your

Optimize ad campaigns with call tracking, virtual phone numbers & instant analytics

Looking to boost your sales ROI?

Take your calls to a new level


Track every call and conversation

Experiment with different types of virtual phone numbers to get the best results. Use static and dynamic number insertion for various campaigns. Explore the analytical data and detect the most productive traffic sources and catchy keywords. Keep an eye on your marketing budget and grow your business globally with Dialics international numbers.

Track every call and conversation

Never miss a call

Handle every inbound call with call forwarding and routing features. Let your clients contact you at a convenient time. Allow flexible hours for your agents. Keep the data transparent to ensure smooth interaction with clients. Implement IVR menus to automate processes and achieve customer satisfaction.

Never miss a call

Measure what matters most

Know where your leads come from and how to generate more of them. Learn the insights from the call analytics and apply instant changes to your campaigns. Test various attribution models to analyze customer behavior and get rid of unproductive ads.

Measure what matters most

Getting started is easy

4 Easy Steps to Harness Our Solution

Step 1
Create Campaigns
Register an online account and create campaigns in chosen states to match your business needs. Manage the data on one dashboard.
Step 2
Select Numbers
Buy local or toll-free numbers and add them to your campaigns. Port existing numbers. Make it easy for your clients to contact you.
Step 3
Configure Routing
Use the functionality of call forwarding and routing. Manage the destinations to ensure excellent customer service.
Step 4
Generate Calls
Monitor the results of your ongoing ad campaigns. Apply the changes in real time. Keep an eye on your promotion budget and ROI.

Tailored for Pay Per Call

Here’s how Dialics addresses the unique challenges faced by pay per call

Stop guessing, start leveraging on data

Find out what attracts each particular customer to your ad and where they come from. Inbound call analytics reveals information about the caller, the price of the lead, the keywords used, etc.

Bring in more of your best leads
Bring in more of your best leads

Make your business available 24/7. Forward calls to different agents and allow them to work convenient working hours. Automate part of the routine with IVR menus.

Define the most profitable campaigns
Optimize the profit earned

By analyzing the data, you can quickly detect which campaigns generate the cheapest leads and focus on them.

Extend your partner network
Extend your partner network to drive more calls

Add vendors to your account and monitor their campaigns. Assist them with relevant support and transparent reports. Become a manager for your vendors.

Delegate and earn more
Start monetizing your calls

Connect vendors with buyers and track performance from one account. Let them check their revenue. Make your pay per call business into a full-fledged marketing agency.

What our customers say

Rating: 5.0
Rating: 5.0
Rating: 5.0
Rating: 4.6
Angelina S.
marketing Specialist

We were impressed with the functionality and the results, so I don't think we are going to change for anything else.

Used Dialics for: 1-6 Months
Affiliate Marketer

Dialics makes me feel secure. I know how many calls were made and how many were converted, so I can forecast my commission and adjust campaigns to make more.

Used Dialics for: 1-6 Months
A Dialics User
Marketing Manager

With Dialics, we received clear analytics and turned off a couple of banners that were useless. We have fewer ads today, but we know precisely how much we spend and how much each lead costs.

Used Dialics for: 6-12 Months


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