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What Is Dialics?

How does call tracking service work?

When you set up ad campaigns, you want to get the most out of them. To do this, you need to determine which ad generates quality leads. Set up different phone numbers with Dialics and understand which advertisement your client is calling, not asking him directly.

Getting started with Dialics

Each of the numbers is assigned to a specific marketing campaign. All tracking numbers can redirect calls to your real number, and the system contains info about the caller and which ad he responded to.

Results of using Dialics

It is easy for you to gather data, analyze, measure and optimize your campaigns performance. As a result, increase conversion rates and other metrics as ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment). Start to benefit from our conversation intelligence to make better marketing decisions, improve your customer experience and make sure call center operators focus on revenue-driving calls.


For example, you run 5 advertising campaigns on Google Ads. A potential client goes to the landing page, he likes the offer and either leaves a request on the site, or calls the specified phone number.

With applications for the site, everything is simple, properly configured analytics will help you determine from which ad this lead came. With phone calls, you have the following options: either buy separate real numbers, or ask the client directly, which is not very convenient, or set up call tracking software.

Through Dialics, you can buy 5 tracking numbers, each linked to a separate campaign, all the calls are tracked in the system, along with the call information. Dialics helps you select the best advertising, as well as collect and analyze customer data, integrate other marketing programs and much more.


Personalized analytics

Personalized analytics

All data about the call and the caller is saved in our system and can be used in reports. The web application provides flexibility in personalizing and customizing the reporting process.

Easy setup

Easy setup

Get a 7-day trial. No special setup, no downloads, just open the program in any browser on PC or mobile phone and start your journey to your best marketing decisions.

Conversion intelligence

Conversion intelligence

The program automatically selects the optimal mode for the best conversion. For more personalization, you have a wide range of additional options to improve conversions.

Dial Up the Success

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  • What devices do you support?

    Dialics is a web application, it is supported by all browsers on mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop.

  • Can I register more than one account under the same login credentials?

    No, you cannot.

  • I have doubts. Can I have a demo of call tracking software?

    Contact our sales team and we set up a time for a live demo, one of our specialists will give you a guided tour of Dialics. You will get answers to all your questions.

  • How does the trial work?

    Each plan has a 7-day risk free trial period. You will be billed ONLY when your trial period is over and you can cancel it anytime.

  • Do I need to sign a contract or pay a setup fee?

    We prefer to work with clients on an equal footing and reduce the entry cost for all clients regardless of their company size.

  • Which country numbers can I buy?

    The system makes it possible to buy a number from 50 countries if available. For international pricing, see our pricing pages.

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