What is call attribution?

What is call attribution?

Call tracking attribution is the process of assigning unique phone numbers to various types of advertising campaigns. It allows marketers to track the keywords that attract the most leads as well as determine the most productive traffic channels. Call attribution shows the call tracking data on the keyword, source, and visitor levels. With this information at hand, marketers are able to invest more in profitable campaigns and dismiss the ads that are too pricey or unproductive.

Use the call tracking insights to enhance performance

Metrics and Tags

Recognize the efforts that pay off

Set the parameters that you wish to collect from each ad campaign. The parameters may include keywords, marketing channel, type of campaign, etc. Analyze the data received to optimize your marketing strategy.

Recognize the efforts that pay off
Real time analytics

Access and analyze data in real time

The parameters collected with every inbound call are reflected in the call analytics instantly. It enables marketers to examine the insights and make any decisions based on the data at hand. Focus on productive channels and get rid of useless ads with a single click.

Access and analyze data in real time

Boost your strategy with powerful tools

Receive the analytical data in the Dialics account and complement it with the information gathered from Google Ads, Facebook, and Bing. Take your advertising campaigns to a new level by generating high-quality leads and increasing conversions.

Boost your strategy with powerful tools

Call attribution features for your needs

Ad Tracking
Attribute calls to various types of ads to learn which of them attract more clients and engage more inbound phone calls.
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Keyword Tracking
Test different keywords in your ads. See which combinations of keywords attract more leads by getting into their requests.
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Peak Call Analysis
Study the analytics to know when is the best time to show your ads and banners, including time of day, weekdays, or seasons.
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Traffic Source Analysis
Learn which traffic sources work best for you. Should you seek out your customers on social networks, YouTube, or by showing them banners and sending mail?
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Get started with Dialics to track and manage your inbound calls

Attribute calls easily with Dialics

Four steps to better results

Step 1
Use Dynamic Number Insertion
Set the DNI functionality to display a unique phone number for each potential caller and receive detailed data.
Step 2
Create Traffic Source
Connect the phone numbers to the traffic sources of your advertising campaigns. Each new inbound call will be attributed to a certain ad.
Step 3
Examine the analytical data
Study the parameters attributed to your marketing campaigns. Check how the keywords perform and which of the traffic channels is the most productive,
Step 4
Improve your ROI
Make data-driven decisions about your marketing strategy. Select the best-performing keywords and concentrate on the ads that generate the most leads.

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