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Static Numbers

Optimize your offline ads with virtual call tracking phone numbers to learn where your leads come from

What are static numbers?

What are static numbers?

With the help of Dialics, a potent call tracking tool, marketers may start a variety of advertising campaigns and drive visitors to their website. Users can access virtual phone numbers in over 50 countries worldwide with Dialics. Offline ads typically have static phone numbers attached to them in order to track the majority of caller origins. Businesses may better plan their advertising budgets and prevent money waste thanks to this data.

How do static numbers work?

Use Dialics to improve your campaigns and receive more calls from motivated audiences

Number Type
You can migrate existing numbers to your account or buy local and toll-free virtual phone numbers with Dialics. Since customers are more likely to trust neighborhood businesses, local numbers help you get closer to your target audience. Toll-free numbers convey the impression of a large, trustworthy business.
These are the endpoints your target audience will be connected to. You can set the destination in the format of a phone number or SIP address on your phone system. Besides, it is possible to assign the destination to a buyer who will receive calls and close the deals.

What are the benefits of static numbers?

Transparent analytical data
With static call tracking numbers, marketers can stop speculating about where the majority of calls are coming from. A number attached to an ad will demonstrate the exact quantity of leads and other important metrics.
Easy customization
The knowledge about the most productive traffic channel will prompt further steps that should be taken on the way to successful marketing. Advertisers might try to change the wording of their ads or decide on other types of promotion.
Budget allocation
The call log shows all the inbound calls with their conversions, keywords, and generated leads. Marketers might decide to turn off ineffective campaigns and invest more in those that produce motivated audiences.

Functionality tailored to your industry

Integrate our software seamlessly into your corporate marketing system. Adjust swiftly with no losses.
Small and Medium Entrepreneur
Boost marketing with data analytics. Get insights, ROI measurement, and increased sales.
Marketing Agencies
Select a pro tool to analyze marketing campaign effectiveness. Boost your reputation and grow satisfied customers.


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