What you get with a virtual number from Dialics


Track and Monitor Inbound Calls with Ease

Use virtual phone numbers to evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns. Manage your marketing efforts, control the budget, and apply instant changes to achieve high ROI and cheap high-quality leads.

Track and Monitor Inbound Calls with Ease

Remain Local with Any Area Code and Toll-Free Numbers

Say goodbye to costly add-ons and international calling fees. Dialics offers the option to use toll-free numbers, allowing your customers to reach you without incurring charges. This cost-effective solution helps you maintain excellent customer service while reducing communication expenses.

Remain Local with Any Area Code and Toll-Free Numbers

Benefit from
Every Call

Monitor agent and team performance by providing easy access to call analytics with graphic visualization. This approach promotes data-driven decision-making, fosters continuous improvement, and ultimately leads to a more effective and customer-centric operation.

Benefit from Every Call

Get started with Dialics to track and manage your inbound calls

Types of virtual numbers for your business

Toll-Free Numbers

Buy toll-free numbers to ensure that your consumers receive competent phone service without being charged for it. Check out the details for all the available countries on the site.

Local Numbers

Customers will be able to contact your company at a regular rate by dialing a local phone. The area code of your number implies that you are close to your clients and they can trust you.

How to get a virtual phone number?

  • 1 Sign up
  • 2 Create a call tracking campaign
  • 3 Select the numbers you want to purchase
  • 4 Configure call options (routing, recording, greeting, etc.)


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