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Payout Management

Improve your pay-per-call business performance by inviting vendors into your account

What is payout management?

What is payout management?

The functionality of Dialics allows users to expand their business network and steadily grow their pay-per-call expertise. Users can set up their own advertising campaigns and generate traffic for companies. Another option is to add vendors to the account and let them launch ads and direct leads to partners. For this process, vendors receive payouts. The Dialics platform allows all the members of the account to analyze the analytical data regarding payouts and lead generation performance and optimize ads for better results.

How does payout management work?

Start your pay-per-call business and invite vendors to generate high-quality leads for your partners

Creating Vendors
The manager of the Dialics account can invite a vendor to generate traffic. A vendor might be an affiliate or marketing agency. To invite a vendor, the user of the account sends an invitation link to their account.
Setting Permissions
After inviting vendors to the account, managers can set the permissions for them. For example, vendors can purchase virtual phone numbers for their campaigns, block certain numbers, listen to call recordings, and download reports about the inbound calls generated by their ads.

What are the benefits of payout management?

Analytical data
Analyze the call log as a manager of the account and let your vendors monitor the performance of their advertising campaigns. Analytics demonstrate the number of inbound calls, their length, important marketing metrics, and other data valuable for further optimization.
Easy modification
Vendors can not only analyze their current marketing efforts; they can also optimize the ads with relevant keywords and customize attribution models for more productive lead generation. As the manager of the account, you can track the performance and control the price per lead.
Improved performance
Allow vendors to generate high-quality traffic for your business or for your partners. As a manager of the account, you can control and optimize any settings, grow your pay-per-call business, and increase profit.

Functionality tailored to your industry

Get more leads and spend less on ads. Use Dialics for better results. Collaborate with buyers and vendors and extend the community.
Small and Medium Entrepreneur
Boost marketing with data analytics. Get insights, ROI measurement, and increased sales.
Marketing Agencies
Select a pro tool to analyze marketing campaign effectiveness. Boost your reputation and grow satisfied customers.


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