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Call optimisation
Call optimisation
High-end analytics
high-end analytics
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easy scaling

Why does your business need Dialics?

The main benefit of inbound call tracking is detailed real-time analytics and caller data that you receive, collect and subsequently analyze.

Simply disable underperforming ads and boost your budgets for high-quality lead generation campaigns with just one click. No loss of time, no loss of money and, as a result, easy scaling for your business in 50+ countries.

How does call tracking work?

When you have already decided on advertising channels, the first step in working with call tracking will be to purchase the number / numbers to which the customer will call you. There are two options - standard local numbers of the country and toll free ones. After that, you need to place the number on your website or landing page.

When a client goes from an ad to your website or landing page, he sees a number from Dialics, and when he dials it, the system records the call and user data. This makes it easy to track all user information and marketing metrics in your account in real time.


Dynamic Number Insertion

This is one of the main features that helps you keep track of all incoming calls. Each ad campaign is assigned a unique number and displayed in the app and then in analytics. It helps to understand which ads bring leads and which ones should be turned off.

Whisper Messages

A short message that the called party hears. The caller cannot hear it. They help you quickly understand what kind of advertising customers are calling you for, thereby increasing the chance to close a deal and improving the customer experience.

Manage Agents

Dialics helps you manage all your vendors, add new users, make reports on each person, and analyze their calls. Call recordings show which of the vendor perform well and who needs additional training. It simplifies the process of team interaction and improves the customer experience.

Online Advertising

Get the full benefit of our call tracking platform. Run only those ads that generate high-quality leads, stop non-performing campaigns in one click, and boost all your marketing metrics. Analytical data provides you with clear indicators of the results of your campaigns.

Dial Up the Success

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Tools that are Important for Call Tracking


The application has vast and detailed real-time analytics. All parameters are set by default based on the usual optimal choice, but you can always set custom ones. The Analytics of the inbound calls include the demographical data about the caller, their geographical location, and the customer’s journey before the conversion. This data helps optimize campaigns to attract more cheap and quality leads.


Routing defines how call flows are redirected. For routing, you configure scheduling, limits, and sophisticated filters. You may also choose between an IVR tree and automated routing, in which calls are sent to Destinations based on their priority. Routing calls ensures that you will not lose a single consumer, even if the line is busy during peak hours.


IVR, or Interactive Voice Response, is a voice message that a client hears before speaking with the receiver. It aids in the transfer of the client to a different phone number. They are used to clear the line, divert calls to a specific number, and keep consumers on an overcrowded phone line. With IVR, your customers will stick with you.



  • What information can I collect by using call tracking?

    Call tracking analytics includes data about the caller, their location, and income level; information about the customer’s journey prior to the call; the duration of the call and the outcome; the price of the lead.

  • How can call tracking help with my marketing decisions and lead generation?

    By analyzing the information about the ongoing ad campaigns, you will be able to monitor which of them are the most effective in terms of the number of leads and the price for them. According to this data, you can optimize your marketing campaigns or get rid of them in one click.

  • Do you offer toll-free and vanity numbers?

    Dialics offers toll-free numbers. You can check the details for the available countries on the site. Vanity numbers are not yet available. However, the team is constantly improving our product, so follow our blog to not miss the updates.

  • Can I customize the caller experience?

    Yes, you may configure call routing, define availability hours, and use IVR for the convenience of your consumers. This capability ensures that your consumers receive professional assistance at all times of the day and that you do not lose conversions.

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