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What is keyword tracking?

What is keyword tracking?

Keyword tracking is keeping an eye on and evaluating the effectiveness of particular keywords or keyword phrases that result in phone calls. With a call tracking platform like Dialics, you may make quick adjustments to your advertising campaigns and track the results in real time if the keywords aren’t working well.

How is call tracking for keywords performed?

Optimize the settings to gain the best results with your advertising campaigns

Dynamic Number Insertion
Every new website visitor can receive a different phone number thanks to dynamic number insertion. Number pools with virtual phone numbers are created for a particular advertising campaign. The more people who visit your website, the more phone numbers you ought to allocate.
Traffic Source
It's crucial to link the campaign to a traffic source during setup. In this scenario, you will be able to track the parameters of a specific click on your advertisement and understand exactly which keyword and other attributes led to the call.
Keyword Level Call Tracking
When setting up a traffic resource, you need to specify the parameter that indicates keywords so that you can trace which keywords lead to calls. When a potential lead comes to the website, they will be shown a unique phone number from the pool of virtual phone numbers. When the call is performed, it will be displayed in the analytical data with the keywords.

What are the benefits of keyword-level tracking?

Keyword performance analysis
Businesses that have keyword tracking capabilities can get reports that indicate which keywords generate the most phone calls. Metrics like the quantity, length, and conversion rates of the calls, among others, may be included in these reports. Businesses can focus on the most relevant and effective keywords by optimizing their SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Call) advertising strategies with the use of this analysis.
ROI calculation
Companies can determine the return on investment (ROI) of their keyword-based marketing campaigns by contrasting the price they pay to obtain leads using particular keywords with the money they make from those leads. This assists companies in making defensible choices regarding where to allocate their marketing budget for maximum impact.
Content insights
It is fruitful to test different keyword combinations in order to obtain important insights into the behavior and preferences of customers. Businesses can better fulfill the demands of their target audience by customizing their marketing messaging, content, and advertising campaigns by knowing which keywords generate phone calls.


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