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Traffic Source Analysis

Check which sources bring in the most leads from your ads and invest more in them

What is traffic source analysis?

What is traffic source analysis?

Analyzing the sources of traffic to a website, landing page, sponsored advertisement, or online platform is known as traffic source analysis. It includes determining and assessing the channels via which users discover and visit the website, such as search engines, social media, direct traffic, referral links, and paid ads. The goal of each business is to examine the sources of traffic and improve resource allocation, content, and marketing methods accordingly in order to achieve commercial success.

How is traffic source analysis performed?

Pay careful attention to where your leads come from to avoid wasting promotion budgets

Tracking Numbers
Purchase virtual phone numbers or port existing ones with the Dialics call tracking platform. You can test different types of numbers to know which of them serve your goals better. Dialics offers toll-free and local numbers.
Campaign Attribution Model
Set the traffic sources for your tracking numbers. It means viewers of each online ad will be shown numbers from a separate group, called the Number Pool. This will allow Dialics users to monitor the most productive ad campaigns.
Dynamic Number Insertion
The dynamic number insertion (DNI) functionality means that each user on your website will be labeled with a unique phone number. As a result, you will receive detailed data about your target audience and the traffic channels they use to discover your offer.

What makes traffic source analysis crucial for call tracking?

Campaign optimization
An essential role of call source tracking is to determine the most productive traffic channel. With this information at hand, marketers can plan further steps in their strategy, be it focusing on a single channel or testing several platforms to gain more leads.
Budget allocation
Nobody wants to lose money. Business owners always look for smart fund distribution to achieve their objectives. Traffic source analysis delivers valuable insights for future investment. With dialics, you always know what you pay for.
Content improvement
High-quality content is the key to digital success today. The results of the traffic source analysis may inspire you to create more informative and useful content to attract leads to a landing page or website. Testing various keyword combinations might also be productive.

Functionality tailored to your industry

Get more leads and spend less on ads. Use Dialics for better results. Collaborate with buyers and vendors and extend the community.
Marketing Agencies
Select a pro tool to analyze marketing campaign effectiveness. Boost your reputation and grow satisfied customers.
Small and Medium Entrepreneur
Boost marketing with data analytics. Get insights, ROI measurement, and increased sales.


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