Even with busy lines, call routing guarantees you will not lose a single client.

Call distribution
Call distribution
High conversion rates
High conversion rates
Automated routine
Automated routine

What Is Call Routing?

Automated routing

Customize the settings to your preferences. Calls are sent to destinations and groups according to the priorities set. Scheduling and restrictions allow you to efficiently plan your working time.

Best customer experience

Your customers will not be frustrated by being placed on hold if you use call routing. Furthermore, in the case of an international call, routing ensures that a foreign client speaks the same language as the recipient.

Increased profit

With automated processes and great customer experience, you provide your business with high conversion rates and excellent performance indicators. Thus, your earnings increase and you are ready to scale.


Call routing is useful for a variety of different business verticals.


Use the functionality of the call routing to make the process of receiving calls as convenient as possible. You will improve income, get more conversions, and deliver an exceptional user experience if you transfer calls across accessible destinations.

Different Types of Call Routing

Automated routing transfers calls to destinations based on the users' settings. IVR routing directs calls to the hosting company's IVR tree. This allows calls to be routed to the proper departments, improving the customer experience.

Custom Rules

Priority specifies in what order Dialics will choose the destination for the inbound call. Weight indicates the number of calls a destination is ready to process. These rules allow you to effectively plan your workload.

Custom Greetings

Customize the greetings your callers will hear. This will guarantee they are sent to the right department and the person answering the phone speaks the same language.

Built-in Analytics

The data about the inbound calls includes the date, duration, destination, whether it was a duplicated call, who was the first to hang up, and so on. This information is used for optimizing campaigns.

Fallback Options

Set the destinations so that if the first recipient is not available or has reached the daily limit of calls, the call is transferred to the next one. With this possibility, no call will be missed.

Call Cascading

You can set up several destinations and specify their priority and weight. The setting ensures that all inbound calls will be received and processed, and the customer satisfaction level will improve.

How to Set Up Phone Call Routing for Business


Register an account on Dialics, create ad campaigns and add vendors.


Select a routing option for the incoming calls.


Specify the destinations for the calls, set their priority, and the call limit per hour, day, or month.


Set the payment parameters and conversion conditions.


More information is available on the support page.

If you run into any problems, please contact our technical support team by live chat or email. They will gladly assist you.

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  • What are the main benefits and advantages of using call routing?

    Call routing allows users to set the working schedule and follow it. The calls will be distributed according to their priority and destination. Besides, call routing guarantees high customer satisfaction and no leads left behind.

  • How many types of call routing do you have?

    There are two types of routing offered by Dialics: automated routing and IVR.

  • What call routing options does Dialics have?

    Users can customize and set the priority and weight for the destinations. The fallback option ensures a call is not missed in the event of a busy line. Customized greetings on international calls contribute to the positive customer experience.

  • Do you have custom call routing options?

    Yes. They include customized greetings and setting the priority and weight of the destinations.

  • How to choose the best call routing strategy?

    It depends on the goals you wish to achieve. Direct routing implies the call is transferred to the destination with the second priority in case the first one has reached its limit of calls or is unavailable. This approach guarantees not a single missed call. IVR routing allows you to send callers directly to the experts with the most relevant competence. It is better for the customer satisfaction but may be excessive for small businesses.

  • Can I use call routing if I have a small business?

    Sure. Call routing feature allows you to tailor the time and quantity of calls you are prepared to process in a day. The functionality is available to all businesses, regardless of size.

  • Can I route calls to multiple phones?

    Sure. You can route calls to as many phone numbers as you have purchased. The best thing about virtual phone numbers is that you can handle all the calls with only one computer and a steady internet connection. If you have multiple devices to receive calls, you are free to use as many as you like.

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