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Revenue Routing

Earn more by handling calls with the highest revenue

What is revenue routing?

What is revenue routing?

With revenue routing, users can forward calls to the destinations with the highest price lead. The more calls with the highest revenue call are handled, the more money you can earn. Buyers set the price for calls in a manner similar to that of auction bids. The system sends the calls to the destinations with the highest parameters set.

How does the revenue routing work?

Routing Option
After creating a campaign, select the ‘Revenue’ routing option. It means that the algorithm of the Dialics software will send the calls to the destinations with the highest revenue parameter.
Revenue Limits
Managers of the workspace set the minimum and maximum parameters for the revenue not to process calls for less. If buyers are added to the account, they can set the revenue to fit the customized parameters.

What are the benefits of revenue routing?

High earnings
Buyers set the price they are ready to pay for the leads. The system sends the calls to destinations with the highest prices. Affiliates earn more. The motivation and performance of each partner increase significantly.
Clear business partnership
Buyers decide how much they will pay for the leads. The limits preset by managers indicate minimum and maximum prices. Therefore, they clearly know how much they need to invest to receive a constant flow of high-quality leads.


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