Pay Per Call allows you to pay less for quality leads and get real-time analytics on your current ad campaigns

Money saving
Money saving
Transparent data
Transparent data
Scaling possibilities
Scaling possibilities


Instant analytics

Pay Per Call provides users with real-time analytics. If you have ever asked yourself what attracted this particular customer in your ad and where they came from, Pay Per Call will know the answers to those questions. The report on inbound calls reveals information about the caller, the price of the lead, and the keywords that were used in the request.

Optimizing budgets

With Pay Per Call analytics, you will be able to improve your marketing campaigns, as you will know where the leads come from and which of the ads generate them the cheapest. With Pay Per Call, you will know where to invest to receive the best result.

Business extension

Pay Per Call international numbers allow you to set up campaigns worldwide, explore the results, increase the profit, and expand the business. You can improve your functionality and grow from an individual marketing affiliate to a full-service marketing agency.


Pay Per Call software comes in handy for a variety of different business verticals.

Why does your business need PAY PER CALL?

Dialics offers a transparent and reliable tool for the optimization of the marketing strategy. If your ads include a phone number and you expect your potential customers to call you, why not use those calls for the sake of your business?

With Pay Per Call analytical data, you will be able to analyze the keywords used in the ads, get information about the callers, know the length of the calls, and apply the quality lead criteria for the ads. This way, you will secure yourself from overpayments in marketing agencies, guarantee yourself cheap leads, and be able to grow.


The following features of our software will let you increase revenue, optimize the customer journey, get high-quality leads, and strengthen the business strategy.

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  • What is a Pay Per Call advertising campaign?

    Pay Per Call campaign is the method of advertising your product or service to potential customers with a virtual phone number assigned to your banners, ads, billboards, etc. Businesses pay for quality calls and receive analytical data on each inbound call.

  • What are the main benefits of a Pay Per Call campaign?

    The ability to optimize your campaigns, increase earnings, and go global.

  • How are Pay Per Call campaigns run?

    You register an account at You assign the numbers you bought to the existing campaigns or create new ones. You get the analytics on the first inbound calls and make any changes to your campaigns if necessary.

  • Is Pay Per Call profitable?

    It surely is. With Pay Per Call, you know what you pay for and how to optimize your campaigns to earn more.

  • Can calls be filtered?

    Yes, they can. You can filter the calls by the source, duration, sex of the caller, and other parameters set. You can also group the calls of one vendor or buyer in your account.

  • How do I get started?

    Register an account at and start your first campaign. Another option is to request a demo if you still have doubts.

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