What is pay per call

What is pay per call

Pay Per Call (PPC) is an advertising model where advertisers pay affiliates or publishers for qualified phone calls generated through their marketing efforts. Advertisers define specific criteria for what constitutes a qualified call. It may be the call duration or specific actions taken during the call. Affiliates promote the advertiser's product or service through various channels, earning a commission for each qualified phone call.

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Why Dialics is the best decision?

Dialics offers a turn-key solution for you to reach your business goals

  • Reliable call tracking & attributionMonitor your ongoing campaigns, check the analytics, and apply relevant changes in real time.
  • Scale revenue with buyers & vendorsAdd buyers and vendors to your account and monitor their performance. Grow your team and business with minimal risks.
  • Scale your campaign with reports & insightsExamine the analytics and make data-driven decisions about your marketing strategy.

Pay per call case study

Here is how pay per call operates

Problem / Task
  1. ABC Travel Agency wants to increase the number of airline ticket bookings

    They create an offer on the marketing platform with a payout of $20 for each target call for airline ticket reservations.

  2. Sam, a marketing affiliate, finds the offer and takes on it

    Sam uses popular social media sites as traffic sources and launches several campaigns targeting potential travelers with a “Call Now” CTA button.

  3. Sandy, a housewife, is planning a summer vacation for her family when she stumbles upon Sam’s ad on Facebook

    Sandy makes a call.

  4. Sandy’s call is forwarded to ABC Travel Agency

    Dialics routes the call to the travel agency. Sam observes the analytical data in the Dialics account. If the call meets the preset conversion requirements, the ABC Travel Agency automatically pays Sam $20 through the marketing platform for this airline ticket booking call.

Pay Per Call Outcomes
  1. ABC Travel Agency: WIN situation

    The company is satisfied with the results, as the number of bookings has increased without spending a fortune on expensive advertising campaigns. Now they can focus on excellent customer service.

  2. Sam, the affiliate: WIN situation

    Sam is happy as he successfully brings in customers for ABC Travel Agency, earning compensation for each qualified call. Another successful case into his portfolio.

  3. Sandy, the housewife: WIN situation

    Sandy is content as she has purchased desired airline tickets for a competitive price and is highly eager to start packing bags for the trip.

Choose solutions for your business

Dialics is great for all types of businesses that use pay-per-call advertising

Save on your ad campaign budgets by optimizing the bids. Examine the analytics to find the keywords that grab the attention of the callers. Attract buyers and vendors to your campaigns and increase your business network.
Call centers
Extend the functionality of your PBX system with PPC software. Forward calls, automate tasks with IVR, and imply greetings and voicemail for better customer service. Expand your services with numbers available in 50 countries.
Marketing agencies
PPC functionality assists with obtaining the best results from your client’s marketing campaigns, reducing their costs, and maintaining high customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Affiliate networks
Get a flexible tool with easy customization and seamless integration into the existing marketing ecosystem. Dialics guarantees safety and independence from third-party services. Empower affiliates with a broader range of marketing strategies.

Get started with Dialics to track and manage your inbound calls

Explore more features of Dialics

  • Availability in 50+ countries
  • Smart call scheduling
  • Auto SMS replies
  • Local numbers
  • Auto record calls
  • Voicemail
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Keywords detection
  • Concurrency settings
  • Call routing
  • Spam filter
  • Greeting messages
  • Call queue
  • Interactive voice response
  • Workspaces


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