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How to Start a Pay Per Call Business in 2022?

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Disclaimer: You are just three short steps away from it.

The world has moved online and seems to be staying there for quite some time. As long as business is doing well on the Internet, marketing campaigns will be set online. In the current situation, marketing professionals can choose from a variety of different ways to earn money. Affiliates use Google Ads, social media, call advertising, and other means as marketing channels. However, they are often disappointed with the results, as the price for a lead is often unreasonably high. Thus, in this article, we will focus on the Pay Per Call software possibilities for performance marketing and share the benefits of this approach and the steps for implementing it.

Why is Pay Per Call worth giving a try?

  • Little investment. There are various solutions on the market right now that differ in functionality and price. But for a start, you need something simple and clear-cut to figure out how things work. You purchase an affordable Pay Per Call software that provides you with tracking numbers and relevant analytics and immediately start your own pay per call business. With the analytical data at hand, you will be able to earn your first money with the first phone call.
  • Being your own boss. Starting a pay per call business means you rely only on yourself, but you also do not need anyone else. If you use a solution that provides international phone numbers, the potential leads are all around the world while you are cozy on your couch. You start several marketing campaigns, and the analytics of the software shows which of them is the most profitable.
  • Fast scalability and growth. When you feel more confident, you are ready to make more money. Finding more customers, hiring people to help you out, expanding the functionality and moving forward to a marketing agency, there are no limits to the perspectives.
  • International advertising campaigns. With international call tracking numbers, you can try going beyond the borders of your country without spending too much money.

Convinced? Let’s now turn to the exact steps of starting a pay per call business.

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How does Pay Per Call work?

To gain access to the call tracking system account, a business owner or marketing affiliate must first register online. Big companies usually have marketing departments that will deal with this functionality. After purchasing preferred virtual phone numbers (local, mobile, toll-free, or international), the account manager assigns them to the ad campaigns. Thus, the magic of lead generation begins.

When a potential customer sees the phone number and dials it, the analytical data appears in the account in real time. This lead will be paid if the call matches the criteria (length of conversation, conversion). That is why the process is called pay per call marketing. The knowledge and skill of the agent answering the phone determines the quantity of sales produced by inbound pay per call leads. You may use call records to teach your employees and improve their performance.

What to do?

  1. Set clear goals. Careful planning is 30% of the success. You have to be precise in what you want to achieve with your campaigns, who your target audience is, which countries they live in, where they are online and how to reach them. With an understanding of your goals, you can immediately skyrocket with the first campaigns.
  2. Select the appropriate pay per call software for lead generation. Dialics is one of the relevant solutions. It is easy to use. You do not need to set anything up, you just open it in a browser and start working. The interface is intuitive, and the technical support is always there just in case. Besides, it provides phone numbers in over 50 countries and a free trial period. Instant analytics is available, so you will immediately track the most effective campaigns, and the first leads will not keep you waiting.
  3. Analyze and enhance your start-up. With business developing, you may look at the more elaborate features. Dialics offers interactive voice recognition and call routing that helps to deal with many simultaneous calls. Further developmental steps may include implementing text messages, voicemail, call recording, and so on.

Bottom line

Pay per call businesses are relatively easy to start and support. They perfectly fit the functionality of a robust affiliate network, turnkey marketing agency, or call center. Knowledge in the sphere of online marketing will be a benefit, but it is not an obligatory requirement. Dialics is clear-cut software with transparent functions and working processes. The leads will not cost a fortune and you will be able to earn more with little investment. A free trial period is a possibility to get to know everything and make the final decision. Besides, the team behind the product is ready to show the demo and explain all the peculiarities.


  1. Ghost April 6, 2022

    I would doubt that the scalability is fast. You need time to get to know how the software operates. But in general, I agree that PPC is a very handy tool.

    1. Dialics Team April 6, 2022

      We totally agree. Each new tool needs some research time. Thank you for your comments.

  2. El April 18, 2022

    A very informative and inspiring article. Thank you!

    1. Dialics Team April 18, 2022

      Hello El
      We are glad to be of assistance.

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Grow Your Revenue Faster with Dialics Call Tracking Software Try for free
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