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The Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Pay Per Call Campaign

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April 2, 2024

Disclaimer: Use Pay Per Call model in different types of advertising campaigns to generate traffic and attract more leads.

Pay Per Call campaigns have become a reliable source of revenue for marketing affiliates and agencies. Exploiting any Pay Per Call software platform, they gain real-time analytics and an opportunity to optimize their campaigns. However, what are the best ways to promote those campaigns? In this post, we will concentrate on ad placement to produce long-term leads.

How to promote pay per call offers?

Pay Per Call is growing in popularity among various types of businesses. Companies that imply phone interaction with their customers, such as insurance or travel agencies, home service businesses, or auto repair shops, may significantly benefit from pay per call offers. These are the most popular types of PPC offers.

Paid ads

We begin with paid advertisements since businesses acquire their first clients instantly after placing an ad with this approach. The most important traffic producers are search engines such as Google and Bing. You may draw your potential consumers even closer to you if you include a call option in your ad. The goal of the campaign is to drive immediate traffic to your website. The analytics of Pay Per Call show the keywords that were googled, and with this information at hand, marketing agents can optimize their ads and adjust them to the most frequent requests.

Facebook lead forms

Another placement for your ad with a CTA button is Facebook. There are around 2.9 million users monthly, according to So, there will definitely be part of your target audience. Depending on the aims of the campaigns, there are several methods to configure the “Call Now” option. Lead forms are designed to attract cheap leads. However, the quantity of leads you receive does not always equate to the number of sales you close. Someone may accidentally press the "Call Now" button without intending to purchase your product.

Landing page forms

Landing pages are created to respond to a specific request, such as learning more about a service or obtaining advice on insurance conditions. When you offer a phone number on a landing page, potential customers have more time to get familiar with your product or service. They are guided through the page, getting to know your product or service, and preparing for conversion. That means they are really interested in it if they decide to make a call. Besides, you will have data about which of your landing pages and key phrases were the most productive.


Organic traffic is the cheapest and most reliable. Yet, it’s the longest process. Before search engines start taking your business seriously, you need to take care of your website, blog content, do the research, and gradually create your expertise. Performing technical SEO audits and eliminating bugs will also be very helpful. Besides, you should be really careful with local SEO, as Pay Per Call campaigns imply a different phone number on different sources, which may lead to search engines getting confused about your business and banning it from the results. Dynamic number insertion may be the solution here. We have touched upon this issue in a recent post. So, Pay Per Call will show you which of the campaigns are the most effective, but it may negatively affect your local SEO. Stay alert and prioritize your goals.

Display advertising

These include banners, videos or text boxes appearing on websites. Usually, they are bright and eye-catching. The Pay Per Call model allows you to assign a different phone number to each banner. With inbound calls, you will receive analytical data that you can use to optimize your campaigns. You will be able to turn off unproductive ads with one click and without taking risks.

Offline campaigns

Luckily, we get to live our real lives from time to time. Pay Per Call fits into any of the offline methods of advertising, be it a radio or TV commercial, printed press, billboards, or leaflets. Those methods require more effort, and they are significantly more pricey. However, this form of advertising can work well for building brand awareness, attracting clients from a particular location, or targeting a more mature audience, as they prefer traditional information channels. Offline ads can be quite informative and provide you with useful data about your target audience’s preferences.

Bottom line

Summing up, the Pay Per Call model can be successfully used in various forms of online and offline advertising. Carefully set your ad goals and Pay Per Call will let you achieve meaningful results without blowing away promotion budgets. If you are interested in the opportunities of Pay Per Call for your business, please contact us to request a demo. Our technical experts will be happy to show you around.

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HarryMay 9, 2022
Thank you for your consistent supply of information.
NatiaMay 20, 2022
Pay Per Call is a highly effective advertising approach. However, learning the nuances takes time.