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What Is Pay Per Call and How Can Call Tracking Help Generate More Leads?

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April 10, 2024

Disclaimer: No matter how big your business is, Pay Per Call is easy, cheap, and profitable.

The modern world has moved online. Today we study, go shopping, meet friends, enjoy films, concerts, and even stroll museums online. With such changes, business owners have to adapt and explore the possibilities and challenges of the online world. Being an important part of any successful business, marketing is keeping up with the changes. A relatively new tendency in performance marketing is call tracking and precisely pay per call.

In this overview, we will focus on the functionality of the pay per call system and discover its benefits for marketing processes. If you are interested in the latest marketing trends or are currently pursuing a career in the sphere of advertising, this article will come in handy for you.

What is Pay Per Call?

Customers and leads are gold for any business. Companies can’t afford to lose clients, as they bring them money. There are multiple ways of finding clients, such as online marketing, social media, turning to marketing agencies, and employing experts to join the team. At the same time, advertising and promotion are big money. Thus, businesses strive for relatively cheap and effective methods.

One of the new yet promising ways of marketing today is affiliate marketing. This is when a company turns to affiliates, who are also referred to as partners, and pays them for every successful lead. Affiliates may use a pay per call system to find customers for the company.

How does Pay Per Call work?

Pay per call (PPC) is a lead generating system. It works as follows:

  • The company finds an affiliate.
  • The affiliate exploits the PPC software.
  • The PPC system provides tracking numbers.
  • Potential customers see the numbers in the ads online and call.
  • The system connects customers to the company.
  • If the call is successful, the company pays a commission to the affiliate. The success of a call is set by each company individually. It may depend on the length of a call, date, region, etc.

Many companies are offering PPC software today. They compete in the number of features, prices, provided conditions, and coverage. One of the software developers with international coverage is Dialics. The company offers call tracking and analytics software. Apart from pay per call marketing with analytical tools, they provide users with call routing and interactive voice recognition that allow them to deal with multiple calls simultaneously. The Dialics tool can come in handy both for individual marketers and big corporations. It is simple and easily customizable. Besides, the system can become a powerful extension of any marketing ecosystem. Dialics is a young and consistently maturing product. However, it has already gained loyal followers and keeps growing.

Why Pay Per Call?

The simplest answer is that everyone has a phone today. It means that potential customers are within a phone call distance. You just need to provide them with a number. With the help of PPC, you will:

  • Track the ad campaigns that generate leads and scale them.
  • Save the advertising budget by paying only for potential leads.
  • Get the real-time analytics data.

Who can benefit from Pay Per Call?

  1. Affiliates marketers

    If you are an individual yet ambitious professional, PPC can help you mature faster. The system helps to gain experience, grow the customers’ database, and increase the volume of business. The tool will prove a worthwhile investment as it will help to analyze the processes and improve the performance. Besides, with the help of PPC, a newcomer in the sphere of online advertising can start a strong community.
  2. Marketing networks and agencies

    If you are dealing with multiple customers, PPC will reduce the costs and assist with the scaling process. Your customers will be satisfied with the results of their campaigns and recommend your services to their peers.
  3. Call centers

    PPC marketing and PPC advertising can successfully become part of a call center routine. It is an opportunity to extend their functionality. It will also allow the team to automate some routine tasks, freeing their hands for more challenging issues.
  4. Enterprises

    For big companies, the PPC system guarantees high security and high scalability of the advertising campaigns. You will be able to have more advertising with less investment. Besides, Dialics is easily integrated with the existing marketing ecosystem and is capable of performing the tasks for the whole marketing department. For an enterprise, it means less investment and debugged processes in the long term.

How does call tracking work?

How to Promote Pay Per Call Offers or Find Call Buyers?

Affiliate marketers that use a PPC strategy earn high-quality leads. With the analytical data from inbound calls at their disposal, businesses can personalize campaigns and create even cheaper leads. They must find buyers in order to expand and profit. Here's where they could go.

  1. Search traffic. Place your PPC numbers on paid Google ads and banners. Improve the quality of the content on your site to boost organic traffic sources.
  2. Social traffic. Utilize the power of social media to create traffic. Texting and sharing are more common in modern communication than talking, and social media has expanded into a large marketplace, so be visible there.
  3. Creative assets. People like visual data. Fortunately, there are hundreds of technology tools available to help you add graphics, music, and video to your advertisements and make them stand out.
  4. Landing pages. Make it simple for people to buy your items or request services. Landing pages should provide useful information about your offer as well as obvious CTA buttons for contacting you.
  5. PPC community. Explore competitors, read blogs, and become part of the community to benefit from peer experience and discover useful information and support if needed.


Pay per call strategy is a promising method of online marketing and advertising. It unites online and offline interaction with a potential customer.

Dialics offers a modern and worthwhile solution to the issues of online advertising. The biggest strengths of the product are its simplicity of usage, high degree of automation, and high level of productivity. It is a product that can facilitate marketing and enhance business. If you have considered the option of call tracking for some time already, this is your chance to take the first step. The tool does not require a serious investment budget, so you can calmly weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself. If you are interested in the product, please, do not hesitate to request a demo.

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Thank you for the details! I have considered the option of PPC for quite some time already.
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I have been using PPC for 3 months already, it is really a very useful soft.

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