What is call routing

What is call reporting?

With the help of the dynamic number insertion functionality, the system allocates phone numbers to each new visitor to the website. Therefore, extensive call data reporting reflects the metrics about each inbound call, such as the geolocation of the caller, ad source, keyword triggers, caller ID, total duration, etc. Analyzing the detailed call reporting data enables marketers to improve their campaigns and gain better results in lead generation.

Call reporting features for your needs

ROI Reporting
Know how much you invest in your marketing efforts and if those amounts are paying off.
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Payout Reporting
Review the transparent analytics to know the costs per lead and commissions for the vendors.
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Conversion Reporting
Examine which traffic sources generate the most high-quality leads and which keywords lead to conversions.
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Live Call Monitoring
Apply instant changes to your current campaigns and immediately track the results.
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Top 5 Metrics You can Track in Dialics

Traffic source

Determine the most productive traffic source to know where to look for high-quality leads.

Call Duration

Calculate the average call duration required for a closed deal. Improve customer service.

Missed vs. Answered

Filter the calls to learn the reasons for missed ones and call back if necessary.

Call Volume

Analyze the number of inbound calls to know if you have enough destinations to handle the queries.

Call Time and Date

Learn the peak hours of the inbound calls to organize business hours relevantly.

Top 5 Metrics You can Track in Dialics

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Get more leads and spend less on ads. Use Dialics for better results. Collaborate with buyers and vendors and extend the community.
Call Centers
Increase conversions with excellent customer service. Do not miss a single lead, ensure data security, and customize the workload.
Small and Medium Entrepreneur
Boost marketing with data analytics. Get insights, ROI measurement, and increased sales.

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