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Live Call Monitoring

Track the performance of your ads and listen to call recordings to be ready to act promptly

What is live call monitoring?

What is live call monitoring?

Live call monitoring is an indispensable feature for businesses and affiliates that create ad campaigns to generate phone call leads. It enables tracking the performance of the campaigns, the number of leads generated, and the conversions received. It also implies checking the quality of customer interactions, assessing agent performance, and providing immediate feedback or guidance as needed.

How does live call monitoring work?

Track the performance to maintain quality standards and enhance the customer experience

Real-Time Call Log
All the inbound calls are stored safely in the call log. Users can see the duration of calls, their sources, keywords applied, destinations that handled the calls, and other important parameters.
Instant Analytics
A careful examination of the current analytical data allows for relevant changes in the marketing strategy. A prompt, data-driven decision can significantly increase the ROI and bring in high-quality leads.
Call Recording
Marketing professionals can gain valuable insights by paying attention to client interactions. It is feasible to evaluate the agents' performance and gain a deeper understanding of the target audience simultaneously.

Why is live call monitoring important?

ROI analysis
Real-time call tracking provides information on the most recent advertising initiatives. As a result, companies and marketers may see the return on their investment in advertising. It allows for precise ROI measurement and smart budget allocation.
Quality assurance
Monitoring the performance in real time reveals the effectiveness of the traffic channels and whether the chosen keywords are good for generating leads. Furthermore, real-time call monitoring shows the agents' proficiency and identifies areas where they need to improve.
Staff support
Call recordings may serve as perfect training material for new agents. They can improve their skills and learn from their colleagues to convert more calls and increase revenue. Dispute resolution is also handled easily with conversation recordings at hand.

Functionality tailored to your industry

Call Centers
Increase conversions with excellent customer service. Do not miss a single lead, ensure data security, and customize the workload.
Marketing Agencies
Select a pro tool to analyze marketing campaign effectiveness. Boost your reputation and grow satisfied customers.
Integrate our software seamlessly into your corporate marketing system. Adjust swiftly with no losses.


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