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Payout Reporting

Track the payouts your vendors receive for each generated inbound call

What is payout reporting?

What is payout reporting?

Payout reporting in the Dialics call tracking system is an important process that allows marketing managers and vendors to see how much they earn with every generated call. The analytical data in the call log reflects the number of all inbound calls, including connected, converted, and missed. It is possible to set the payout conditions and monitor the commissions in real time.

How does the payout reporting work?

Analyze the reports to increase payouts

Create Vendors
While customizing your advertising campaigns in the Dialics workspace, you can add vendors. They will receive a link with an invitation to join the Dialics workspace as a vendor. Managers of the accounts are able to monitor vendors’ campaigns, payouts, and performance.
Set the Payout Conditions
After adding a vendor to the account, managers can customize the permissions for them. Besides, the payout conditions should be set for the vendors in the campaign settings. Payouts can be made for converted or connected calls and for a certain call length.
Examine the Analytics
Examine the analytical data in the ‘Reporting’ tab of your workspace. A detailed call log shows payout data together with other metrics, such as call duration, traffic source, call recordings, duplicate calls, etc.

Functionality tailored to your industry

Marketing Agencies
Select a pro tool to analyze marketing campaign effectiveness. Boost your reputation and grow satisfied customers.
Get more leads and spend less on ads. Use Dialics for better results. Collaborate with buyers and vendors and extend the community.
Small and Medium Entrepreneur
Boost marketing with data analytics. Get insights, ROI measurement, and increased sales.


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Can I perform as a vendor and an account manager simultaneously?

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