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Encourage your agents to increase performance by providing them with relevant information

What is a whisper message?

What is a whisper message?

A brief message delivered to the person answering the phone is called a whisper message. Typically, it includes information on the campaign that led to the call. The whisper message is not heard by the caller. This feature allows for better readiness of the staff to handle calls. It leads to less stress for agents and more efficient communication with leads, resulting in higher conversion levels.

How do whisper messages work?

Assist your destinations with relevant data about each inbound call

Create Campaign
Set the campaign, specify its name, and provide its geographic location. Users may customize whisper messages for each campaign individually.
Add Tracking Numbers
Add numbers of the preferred type to your campaign. You may also port existing numbers if you wish.
Set Whisper Message
Customize the message your agents will hear before connecting to a caller. Provide them with the name of the campaign and other relevant metrics in the call whisper.

What are the benefits of whisper messages?

Improved performance
Providing destinations with additional information improves their competence and increases customer satisfaction.
High conversion
Callers receiving excellent customer service on the phone are more likely to close a deal. It is a win-win situation for the client and the business.

Functionality tailored to your industry

Get more leads and spend less on ads. Use Dialics for better results. Collaborate with buyers and vendors and extend the community.
Call Centers
Increase conversions with excellent customer service. Do not miss a single lead, ensure data security, and customize the workload.
Marketing Agencies
Select a pro tool to analyze marketing campaign effectiveness. Boost your reputation and grow satisfied customers.


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