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What is call recording software?

What is call recording software?

Call recording is the process of recording conversations with leads who dialed a phone number indicated in an ad. The recordings are stored in the call log and can easily be accessed by a manager of the account. Call recordings provide marketers with valuable feedback about their product or service, allowing for prompt optimization.

How does call recording work?

Take your time to listen to interactions with your potential clients

Create Campaign
Create advertising campaigns and allocate tracking numbers. When a potential customer dials a number, the call will be connected to the destination and reflected in the analytical data.
Enable Call Recording
Switch on automated call recording in the settings of the campaign. The recording will be stored in the online workspace. Make sure you notify callers about recording in a short greeting message.

What are the benefits of call recording software for business?

Marketing insights
Listen to conversations with your leads to analyze what brings them to conversion, which keywords they react to, and what their expectations from your product or service are. Improve your product according to the requirements of your customers.
Customer experience
A strong brand reputation and devoted customer base are produced by tailoring the product to the needs of the market. Show your clientele that you are willing to grow and that you are listening to them. Increasing conversions is simple if you understand what your customers anticipate from you.
Staff assessment
Pay attention to how your agents engage with clients to see how well they are performing. Use the recordings to resolve disputes and mentor new staff. Call records show the proficiency of agents and the necessity of proper instruction.

Functionality tailored to your industry

Call Centers
Increase conversions with excellent customer service. Do not miss a single lead, ensure data security, and customize the workload.
Small and Medium Entrepreneur
Boost marketing with data analytics. Get insights, ROI measurement, and increased sales.
Marketing Agencies
Select a pro tool to analyze marketing campaign effectiveness. Boost your reputation and grow satisfied customers.


Here are the answers to the most frequent questions about call recording service. Anything else you wish to know? Please contact us

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More Features

VoIP Shield
Enable the VoIP shield to keep your analytical data clean and save on quality calls.
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Сall Recording
Listen to your clients to know their expectations better and to improve phone customer service.
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Voicemail & SMS
Allow your callers to receive the information even outside of business hours or in the case of busy destinations.
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Call Queues
Do not lose a single lead. Arrange calls in a waiting queue if the lines are busy or unavailable.
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Spam Filters
Make your analytics transparent and clear. Filter anonymous calls or repeated callers from the system.
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Whisper Message
Improve customer service by letting the destinations know the phone call source and keywords. Allow your agents to receive instant help from managers.
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Call Greetings
Provide excellent phone customer service. Conversions will increase with every happy customer.
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ROI Measurement
Examine the performance of your advertising campaigns and switch off those that do not generate enough leads or whose price per lead is too high.
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Call Forwarding
Direct calls to available agents or automated responces. Provide convenient working hours for the team and excellent customer service.
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Dynamic Number Insertion
Use dynamic numbers to get deeper analytics about your ads. Examine the most relevant keywords and the most productive traffic sources.
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