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What are toll-free telephone numbers?

What are toll-free telephone numbers?

Toll-free numbers are simple to remember and cost nothing to callers. They usually start with 800, 811, 822, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 number prefixes. People are likely to call if they know they don’t have to pay for the minutes. Those numbers can be used to attract leads to phone consultations and assistance. Use those to impress callers with the competence of your staff.

How do I get toll-free numbers?

Increase conversion rates by providing your potential audience with a free phone consultation

Register an Account
Register an account, pass a quick verification process, and try the functionality of the Dialics account during a free trial period. You can purchase one number and test all features before making a decision to become a Dialics user.
Purchase Toll-Free Numbers
Dialics offers its users an opportunity to buy virtual phone numbers of local and toll-free types. Add them to number pools and assign them to your online and offline campaigns. Toll-free numbers are free for the callers, so convert your leads by providing them with competent phone assistance.

What are the benefits of toll-free phone numbers?

No charge for callers
Toll-free number costs are totally covered by the business. Therefore, your customers are not afraid of being charged for long conversations. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate expertise and impress the target audience with flawless customer service.
The image of a huge corporation
If your business is ready to pay for the calls, it means it is financially successful. Toll-free numbers on the ads demonstrate that the business is presented worldwide. It increases trust and credibility among the target audience.
Better customer service
Toll-free numbers are easy to remember. If your agents manage to show high competence and great expertise, callers are likely to become leads and turn into loyal customers. Use the possibility of phone calls to show the potential of your business and gain customer satisfaction.

Functionality tailored to your industry

Integrate our software seamlessly into your corporate marketing system. Adjust swiftly with no losses.
Get more leads and spend less on ads. Use Dialics for better results. Collaborate with buyers and vendors and extend the community.
Marketing Agencies
Select a pro tool to analyze marketing campaign effectiveness. Boost your reputation and grow satisfied customers.


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