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Stay closer to your target market with local phone numbers

What are local phone numbers?

What are local phone numbers?

A local phone number is a number that contains an area code. When a potential client comes across this number in an ad, they assume it is a local firm. People are more likely to trust local businesses because they can be reached in an emergency. Virtual phone numbers provided by Dialics are available in numerous countries around the world. You can choose the state or country you need, select the area code that is preferable, and purchase as many local numbers as you need for your marketing strategy.

How do I buy a local phone number with Dialics?

Build your customers trust by displaying business phone numbers with a familiar area code

Register an Account
Sign up on the Dialics platform and pass a short verification process. All Dialics users can use a 7-day free trial period to test the whole functionality of the platform. See what Dialics can do and make a careful decision.
Purchase Local Phone Numbers
Dialics offers its users virtual phone numbers of both local and toll-free types. You can choose a preferable state with an appropriate prefix. Dialics is available in 50 countries around the world. You can expand your business while physically remaining in one location.

What are the benefits of using local phone numbers?

Building trust
Local numbers show your customers that your firm is somewhere close to them. They trust you more and are more likely to buy from you. Purchase virtual phone numbers with local area codes and take the first step towards productive communication with your target audience.
Local phone numbers allow businesses to probe the markets of other states or countries. All you have to do is select the numbers you want. There is no need to relocate or hire new staff. Instead, invest in soft-skills training for the agents and a multilingual IVR menu for your potential customers.
SEO benefits
Local phone numbers have SEO benefits for businesses with physical locations. Including local phone numbers on websites and online directories can improve local search rankings and increase visibility for customers in the area. Besides, businesses can use local phone numbers as part of targeted marketing campaigns aimed at specific geographic regions.

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