White Label

Use Dialics call tracking platform under your brand name

What is white label?

What is white label?

White label allows businesses to rebrand the Dialics call tracking software and use it as their own product. Rebranding includes altering the logo, corporate colors, appearance and a custom domain name. As a result, users receive a ready-made tool that corresponds to their corporate style without spending resources on its development.

How do I customize the white label?

The customization process might become a challenge, but our team is always there for you

Appearance Settings
Go to the ‘White Label’ tab in the account settings of your Dialics workspace. Add a company name, favicon, and logo, and play with the color palette. All the changes can be viewed and evaluated before the final look.
Domain Settings
Please be careful when typing the right domain name, and take your time to verify the domain ownership. Provide the right CNAME Value and CNAME ID. Examine the information in the Help Center for more details.

What are the benefits of the Dialics white label?

Advanced functionality for your business
Customizing the white label is quite easy. It requires a couple of hours and some attention. Thus, it can be done with the efforts of a single account owner. You do not need an entire team of developers to come up with a new functional product for call tracking.
A reliable tool for tracking calls
Dialics has proved to be a working product. We have high reviews on popular software platforms. If you decide to implement the Dialics platform into your business, you can be sure of its reliability, consistency, and performance.
Easy scalability
White label enables you to utilize a product as your own, widening your functionality and contributing to the brand image. You can grow into a full-scale marketing business with the possibility to track calls, launch pay-per-call campaigns, and add buyers and vendors to your business network.


You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about white label customization here. For more detailed information, please contact us

I’m not a programmer, how do I cope with the white label settings?
Who can benefit from the white label?
What are the features of the Dialics platform?

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