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How to Generate More Calls with Facebook Ads?

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Disclaimer: Depending on the aims of your advertising campaign, use alternative click-to-call choices.

As a professional marketer, you must be aware of the option to attract the target audience to your product or service through a Facebook business account. With a “Call Now” feature, your clients seem closer. Any person scrolling through their feed can become your next client. They just need to click the button and make a call. However, the reality is a bit different, with huge budgets spent on ad campaigns and an insufficient number of inbound calls that cannot be converted into quality leads. Let’s figure out how Facebook ads can be optimized to bring you better results.

Facebook offers two possibilities for customers to reach your business via a phone call. They are the Reach campaign and the Website traffic campaign. Both of them have their pros and cons for any type of business.

Facebook Reach campaign

This is a click-to-call option that is set in your business account under the Reach campaign objective. The goal of it is to familiarize as many people as possible with your product. It is great for building brand awareness. To make it work, you must take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Ads Manager in your Facebook account, click on “Create new campaign”, and select “Reach” as an objective.
    Static Call Tracking
  2. Choose the New Reach Ad Set tab.
    Static Call Tracking
  3. In the section “Placement” you choose “All devices” and select Mobile.
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  4. Deselect Desktop from the devices; otherwise, the click-to-call option will not be visible. Please note that setting an ad campaign this way will be visible only on mobile devices and only on Facebook.
    Static Call Tracking
  5. Specify the website URL for a landing page, and choose “Contact us” in the dropdown list of call-to-action button options.
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  6. Fill in the phone number in the field that appears. Done! We have shown you how to set the click-to-call feature in your account. Make sure you have set all the other parameters, such as budget and audience, according to your strategy.

The Reach campaign is ideal for firms wishing to add new people to their marketing funnel. This option will bring new visitors to your landing page at a cheaper price. Those who tap the ad, on the other hand, aren’t always high-quality leads. Some of them may accidentally touch the screen without intending to call. As a consequence, the number of calls and clicks recorded may differ dramatically from the number of incoming calls received.

Website Traffic campaign

This is another option for setting click-to-call ads. It appeared last year and is still new to some advertisers. Its goal is to drive the highest number of qualified leads to the website. The results of this campaign are better in the terms of numbers, but pricier. Let’s set up this traffic campaign:

  1. In your account, select “Traffic” as an objective.

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  2. Among the destinations, choose “Website”.
  3. Specify your company’s URL.
  4. Tick “Show call extension on your website”; select the country code in the dropdown list and fill in the phone number.

    Static Call Tracking

Website traffic campaign works best for those who are ready for a bigger flow of calls and a more significant investment. If you run a restaurant, click-to-call must work well for making a reservation. Companies that provide various consulting services would profit from a click-to-call function since their clients will be able to contact them directly.

Call tracking software for your Facebook ads

There is still room for perfection. The data you receive on the campaigns in your Facebook business account is pretty restricted. It will simply tell you how many calls and clicks were made and how much they cost. With additional call tracking software like Dialics, you will be able to know the duration of each call, the location of your target audience and their income level. With the call recording feature, you’ll be able to listen to the high-quality calls, evaluate the keywords, and improve your campaigns. The analytics will be transparent and precise, so you will know the exact number of inbound calls and how many of them can be qualified. Besides, Dialics offers international phone numbers, so you can expand your business while staying at home.

To summarize, Facebook is increasingly providing useful tools for online marketing. You will become an expert in advertising and receive the greatest results if you supplement those tools with call tracking software. Please request a demo for more information.

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  1. Noah April 25, 2022

    Thank you for this guide! Hope, my campaign will work right.

    1. Dialics Team April 26, 2022

      Hello Noah
      We are glad to be of help.

  2. Maia May 20, 2022

    This is a very detailed explanation. Thank you!

    1. Dialics Team May 20, 2022

      Hello, Maia.
      You are very welcome.

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