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Types of Call Attribution You Should Be Aware of

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April 3, 2024

Disclaimer: The correct call attribution model helps marketers better understand their customers' journeys and enhance ROI.

Affiliates, marketing partners, and advertisers are all seeking cheap, quality leads to be able to earn higher commissions. To achieve their goals, they have to be aware of the call attribution types to make sure their ad campaigns provide them with a high return on investment.

Call attribution is a way of tracking inbound calls by assigning a unique virtual number to each traffic channel. Configuring the dynamic number insertion with the Dialics system enables users not only to identify the most productive traffic channel but also to learn more about the target audience, their location, keywords they use, creatives that attract them, and other important data.

Why Do Marketers Need Call Attribution?

Performance marketers need call attribution to understand which of the online ad channels is the most productive in terms of the number of calls generated and which campaigns need to be optimized or totally dismissed. If you are new to the sphere of affiliate marketing, check out our most recent post to get a general understanding of call tracking.

An ideal situation for any business is a customer that visits the site, dials the contact number, and places an order. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of customers behave like that. Others will visit the website and a social media page, consult a review platform, or Google the rating of the company. If the product a customer is looking for is pricey, the above-mentioned process will be iterated for a couple of months. How should marketers understand the best performers in their ad campaigns? Was it a Google ad, a user-friendly website design, or a concise landing page that played a critical role in converting a lead? Call attribution models are intended to provide a solution to this question. If a marketer knows their customers well, it will allow them to allocate ad budgets reasonably.

Call tracking makes attribution easy to set up and monitor. By allocating virtual phone numbers to your ads, you will be able to focus on the most profitable keywords and campaigns while eliminating ineffective channels. You will have a thorough client profile and understand how leads turn into loyal customers.

How Call Attribution Works

First, you assign a virtual phone number to each of your advertising campaigns, both online and offline.

Second, customers dial the phone number specified in the campaign they see, and the analytical data appears in the call log as soon as the call is handled.

Dialics software tracks and records incoming calls, capturing details about how a customer finds your business, the channel they come from, the ad that generated the call, and the keywords that were used in the ad. That data allows marketers to make informed decisions about the optimization of their strategies.

Dynamic number insertion allows for monitoring every unique caller separately. It is a more profound attribution model that enables you to learn more about your target audience and make informed decisions regarding the performance of your advertising campaigns and the traffic channels used. You learn to create catchy campaigns with relevant keywords.

Source-Level Call Attribution Model

This is the simplest model set with the help of static number insertion. It shows the number of inbound calls generated by a certain campaign. When somebody calls, businesses know if they have come from the banner or a paid Google ad. It is easy to set up and use. However, it does not provide marketers with deep analytical data. If advertisers are running several campaigns, the data on the number of calls is insufficient for proper optimization.

Keyword-Level Call Attribution Model

Keyword-level tracking provides marketers with a detailed report regarding which keywords work best for them. They can test various keywords for the ads and monitor which of them performs better. With this type of attribution, marketers analyze relevant keywords and optimize their campaigns accordingly. For instance, they can change the wording in the paid ad to target the exact pain of a client or optimize the content of a landing page to speed up the conversion process.

Visitor-Level Call Attribution Model

Applying dynamic number insertion allows marketers to track each particular caller and never miss a lead. The system selects a virtual number from a pool of numbers, and every new visitor is shown a unique number. As a result, the analytical data is more detailed, providing experts with a treasure trove of insights. This model is the best in terms of the available data. It requires careful settings of the analytical metrics.

Benefits of Call Attribution

Track conversions and sales

Call tracking attribution allows for data-driven decisions regarding current and future advertising campaigns. You can trace the keywords that generate more leads as well as identify the triggers for converting leads. By focusing on those particular keywords, you can increase your conversion rate and boost sales.

Identify high-performing marketing channels

Call attribution highlights the most productive traffic sources that bring your business the most leads. Get an idea of the most frequent interactions with your brand, explore your customers’ journeys, and use those insights to find similar audiences faster and guide them along the marketing funnels.

Increase revenue

Call tracking informs you of the number of leads from each of the advertising channels. If you see that some ads generate far more traffic than others, you can switch off unproductive campaigns with one click. Therefore, you will save your marketing budget and avoid blowing resources on useless advertising efforts.


Choosing the appropriate attribution model ensures proper use of the call tracking software. It will lead to greater performance results and overall job satisfaction for marketing professionals. If you would like to try exploring the attribution types of Dialics, there is an opportunity to start a free trial here.

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