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Call Tracking for Digital Marketing

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April 4, 2024

Disclaimer: Call tracking software is a tool that shows businesses where their customers come from and allows them to find more people interested in their product or service.

Let’s imagine you have a business. Let it be a barbershop across the street or an auto service facility. In both cases, you want a steady flow of customers. Most likely, your customers will wish to contact you to figure out the details and arrange a meeting. So, you should provide them with a phone number through the means of advertising. Thus, you start planning your marketing strategy and ways of distributing your contacts. You can print flyers and distribute them in the surrounding streets. At the same time, you can register an account on Facebook and create a target campaign in the Ads Manager. One more option is to pay for a Google ad. All three sources require investment. Let’s imagine you set a budget for all three types of ads for one month. When the month is over, you can calculate the price of one client by dividing your monthly marketing budget by the number of customers you had. What to do next? Invest the same sum or refuse any of the ads? How will it affect the number of customers? How to increase that number? Running an ad campaign like the one above won’t provide you with the answer to any of those questions.

Distributing a different phone number to all three campaigns and attracting a third-party tool to analyze the results would be the best option. With call tracking software like Dialics, your marketing campaign will get the following benefits:

  • You will know which of the ads attract more customers.
  • You will know the price of the lead immediately after launching your ad campaigns.
  • You will have an opportunity to optimize your campaigns in real time if you see that they are too pricey or generate an insufficient number of calls.

Steps to get the best out of your call tracking tool

  1. Explore the customer’s journey: Dynamic number insertion (DNI) is a technology used by call tracking providers to assign a unique number to every new visitor to the site. The function is embedded in the JavaScript code. Thus, the manager of a call tracking account can see the activity of each of the leads, the requests they googled and the links they clicked before making a call. This data allows you to follow the customer’s journey and adapt ad campaigns to the most frequently used keywords. There are more details about dynamic phone numbers in this post.
  2. Collect data: When the call is performed, you receive the analytical data in the account. It includes demographic and geographic information about the caller, the length of the call, a recording of the call, the customer’s journey, and the outcome of the call. With this information at hand, an affiliate can calculate the conversion rate, see the price of a lead, and see how many of the calls are qualified, i. e., match certain conversion requirements. If you are an affiliate selling leads to businesses, you can predict your commission. If you are a business yourself, you can optimize your ads to receive cheaper leads.
  3. Analyze conversations: Call recordings provide you with an opportunity to listen to the conversations several times and better understand the incentives of your customers to make a call. Clients usually do say what they need, whether it's a brief message about availability or pricing, or a more in-depth question regarding the functioning of your service. If a customer says they need time to sleep on it, it should be a clue to the marketer to follow up with them later so they don't lose them.
  4. Optimize your ad campaigns: With all the above-mentioned information at your disposal, you are enabled to make relevant changes to your campaigns. The next strategy will depend on your goals: either to stop some of them or to change the keywords.


Digital marketing is an interesting and challenging domain. Exploring new tools and their functionality makes enthusiastic affiliates and advertisers climb their career ladders faster. Dialics can become a helpful assistant on the way to setting up productive ad campaigns.

If you are interested in the possibilities of call tracking software for your business, register online and start your free trial. If you have any questions, our technical support team is available through email or live chat on the site.

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