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Call Tracking Numbers: Dynamic vs. Static

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April 4, 2024

Disclaimer: Choose static numbers for the offline campaigns and dynamic ones for the online.

Call tracking has shown to be a reliable tool for gathering analytical information about the calls generated by operating marketing campaigns. If you are running a business where your customers prefer to first call and then buy your product or use your service, call tracking is a helpful tool for managing your ad budgets. Tourism, law firms, auto insurance, and a variety of other enterprises fall within this category. If you are interested in the possibilities of call tracking for a particular business domain, study our blog. Perhaps there is something worthwhile for you personally.

In this article, we will focus on the differences between dynamic and static phone numbers and their pros and cons for particular marketing campaigns.

Static Call Tracking

Assume you have a business and your marketing channels include a billboard somewhere in the city center, a banner on some web portal, and Google ads. You assign a different phone number to all three ad campaigns. When people start calling, you will receive real-time analytics that will show how many calls are provided by each of the three sources. Besides the quantitative data, you will also see the number of the caller, the time of the conversation, and you will be able to make a recording of each call and see how many of the calls led to a deal, e.g., an agreement to use your services. As a result, you will have the following analytics:

  • Billboard: 5 calls, 2 deals
  • Banner: 9 calls, 3 deals
  • Google search: 12 calls, 5 deals

By assessing this information and the price for one lead in each campaign, you can optimize your marketing budget. Get rid of the billboard and concentrate solely on internet platforms, for example. Or leave the channel that brings you the cheapest leads.

Static Call Tracking

Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic Call Tracking is the technology that enables companies and marketing experts to assess the efficacy of online advertising. It will indicate how many calls were generated by each advertising campaign, ad, and keyword. In this way, you can identify unproductive channels and save money.

How does it work?

There is a pack of replacement phone numbers for the site. Each visitor to the site will see a new number from this pack and it will be assigned to them for the period while they stay on the site. This process happens due to the Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) feature. When a visitor decides to call the replacement number, the system will save the data about that visitor. The standard analytical data (name, time, location, etc.) will be supplemented with the so-called “caller’s journey”. It means you will know what keywords were used to find your company, what the request was in the search, and, consequently, which of your ad campaigns resulted in a lead. All the information will be shown in a reader-friendly report.

Dynamic Call Tracking

When should you use it?

Both types of call tracking numbers can be successfully used in marketing campaigns. You just need to clearly understand what your goals are and what results you expect to achieve with the above-mentioned tools. Besides, a combination of both solutions can work effectively for your business if you separate the numbers among various marketing channels.

Static call tracking is good for offline campaigns, such as flyers, billboards, commercials on TV or in the printed press. You will not acquire detailed information about the callers, but you will understand that your target audience does not watch TV, for example.

Dynamic call tracking is for those dealing with many different online ad campaigns. When you have various platforms and sites where you can place a banner or use a contextual ad and you wish to know which works best, dynamic numbers are better.

Among comparable solutions, Dialics is a great and reliable one. It has basic functionality and will handle common tasks successfully. Dialics is very easy to use; it does not require downloading; it provides instant analytics on the calls; and it offers a free trial period without restrictions on the features. If you wish to try it out, do not hesitate to request a demo.

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AgniApril 18, 2022
Thank you for the comparison. All is clear now.
MinMay 13, 2022
I set DNI for various landing pages and I’m really happy with the results I get.