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Stretching Advertising Budget with Call Tracking

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April 4, 2024

Disclaimer: Properly configuring your call tracking software ensures a good ROI.

There are numerous ways of placing your ads. We have touched upon the most common types of advertising models and their goals in our most recent post. Choosing between numerous traffic channels, advertisers, affiliates, and marketing firms are all working toward the same goal. They aim to spend the least amount of money to achieve the best results. Without proper software, investing money in advertising campaigns is quite intuitive and therefore risky. However, call tracking systems enable marketers to secure budgets and provide their businesses with motivated customers.

How does call tracking help you save money?

When running ad campaigns, you want to spend exactly what you budgeted for them. Unfortunately, we tend to play a guessing game and fail to predict a daily total for a particular campaign. That results in bitter disappointment over the received ad bills. Call tracking software like Dialics solves those issues. It provides users with instant analytics about the current campaigns. This analytical data shows the amount of money spent and the number of inbound calls with high conversion rates. With this information, you are able to optimize your campaigns, turn off those that are not productive, and focus on profitable ones. The possibility to tune IVR into the calls guarantees you will not lose customers even if they call outside your business hours or the lines are busy.

Analytics of inbound calls provides marketers with the following useful information:

  • Cost of calls: After assigning a phone number to each banner or landing page, you should carefully plan your marketing budget based on the outcomes. With a single click, you may disable any of the ineffective advertising. If you are running several campaigns, it is important to track them all.
  • Time of calls: Analytical data demonstrates the time when the calls are delivered. If you receive the majority of your calls in the evening, for example, it may be a signal to shift your business hours to ensure that all potential customers get competent consultation when they need it the most. Thus, you will not lose quality leads and be able to convert them into buyers, ensuring a fair price for every lead. This is especially crucial if you exploit international call tracking and provide your services to customers with a different time zone.
  • Attractive keywords: Call tracking offers dynamic number insertion, which demonstrates the customer's journey from the Google request to your website. Therefore, you can analyze the keywords in their requests and customize your ad campaigns accordingly. You will treat the pains of your customers, therefore speeding up the conversion rate.

Important settings to stretch the budget

Important settings to stretch the budget

Apart from the analytical data mentioned above, it is important to be familiar with the useful possibilities of your Dialics account customization:

  • Allocating budget: You can set the budget capacity on inbound calls, which ensures tracking your advertising costs. For example, you are ready to spend $500 on calls. You specify the amount in the settings and as soon as this amount is reached, the campaign will be turned off. This makes call tracking software similar to the settings of the Ads Manager account on Facebook. However, Dialics ensures the security of your budget as you know the price of the call. If it equals $10, you will receive 50 calls for your $500. All the payments and bills are transparent, and you get no surprises.
  • Setting the number of inbound calls: There is also an option to limit a daily number of calls. For example, you wish to have 50 calls every day, as you are not able to process more. This allows you to better understand your workload and track the daily costs of your advertising campaigns.
  • Payout settings: This is the functionality that will show which calls you will pay for. You can choose to pay for every inbound call. The second alternative is to pay for the calls that qualify as converted. The rules of conversion include the duration of the call, region, and personal data. The duplicate payout feature allows you to monitor recurring calls. If the same person calls you several times, you just pay for the initial call.


Call tracking software offers tons of valuable information in the case of smart usage. It enables marketing experts to monitor their costs and create productive ads. It provides buyers and managers with transparent information on their costs and customizable functionality to meet any requirement in terms of what they pay for.

If you have any doubts about the possibilities of Dialics for your business, please request a demo. Our technical staff will let you dig deeper into the intricacies of call tracking functionality.

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