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How Pay Per Call Can Help Lawyers Generate Leads

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Pay Per Call will make 1 out of every 3 callers a client.

Legal companies are looking for new ways to boost their caseload and loyal client base. If you offer bankruptcy, family law, criminal defense, or other legal services to your consumers and you operate your business in any of the world's major cities, you must be up against thousands of competitors. All of them need a steady stream of new clients.

Most often, clients look for lawyers by a big name or recommendations. But let's look at the case when a potential customer does not have any data and s/he looks for an attorney on Google. However, only around 10 out of thousands of law firms appear among the top Google search results. Thus, you must be losing your clients right now.

What methods do law firms use to generate leads?

In the current state of affairs, there are typical techniques of generating leads that may be employed by many sorts of enterprises. They include different pay per lead campaigns, newsletters, SEO, website and content marketing, and ads in the social media sites. Companies may choose several of the above-mentioned methods or even exploit all of them for better results in the amount of the generated leads.

What do attorneys pay for leads?

A lead generated by any form of pay per lead campaign can cost anywhere between $3 and $10 per lead. When those statistics are compared to $20-100 per lead in TV or print advertisements, the option for the majority of law offices is obvious.

In the fierce conditions of constant competition, it is easy to be overlooked. To ensure the success of your law practice, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can my customers find me where they look?
  • Is my website informative and user-friendly?
  • Do I start being helpful to the person the moment they first contact me, BEFORE they actually pay me?
  • How many of the leads generated by my marketing campaigns convert into clients?

We have slightly touched upon the first question. Today, people go to Google, search for videos on YouTube, or look for relevant information on social media sites. Those are the platforms your service should be visible on.

The second and third questions refer to your competence and the level of your team’s expertise.

Moving on to the fourth question, this is where the Pay Per Call software comes in handy. Dialics offers Pay Per Call with instant analytics on the inbound calls. It will allow you to keep track of your marketing campaigns, to know which of them generate quality leads and to optimize or turn off the campaigns that blow the budget.

What are the main benefits of Pay Per Call for law firms?

The benefits of Pay Per Call for law firms:

  • Real-time analytics: You will be aware of the keywords that are the most attractive to the customers. You will know the ad campaign that attracted your clients and the region in which they are located geographically.
  • Optimal ad budgets: You will know exactly what you are paying for. There's no use in paying marketing affiliates if you're not getting the results you want.
  • Scalability options: You can expand your functionality with Pay Per Call by providing phone consultations and remote assistance. Dialics allows you to purchase numbers in other countries if you decide to grow internationally.

Who can profit from Pay Per Call?

  • Solo attorneys. Find yourself solvent customers!
  • Lawyers and firms interested in hiring a marketing agent. With Pay Per Call, you will spend less, and get the results faster.
  • Companies that have already enlisted the help of marketing organizations. You have the impression that they are not performing their job because the number of clients does not increase.

If you are interested in Pay Per Call possibilities for your B2C law company, please request a demo. Our technical specialists would be pleased to walk you through the process. You may begin your free trial period as soon as you register for an account.

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AnnyApril 6, 2022
I’m interested in affiliate marketing for lawyers. Can you consult me?
RichardApril 9, 2022
Thanks for the article! How much do lawyers pay for leads with Pay Per Call?