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What Are the Benefits of Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

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Disclaimer: DNI allows marketers to receive detailed information about the effectiveness of their call tracking campaigns.

If a marketer provides the ad with a phone number, the customers will call when they see the ad. If nobody calls, there is something wrong with the ad and it needs to be fixed. What if a marketer uses several advertising channels to attract more potential customers? How can they guess which of the ads brings more leads? This is the situation where the DNI feature is used.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

Dynamic number insertion is a handy feature of the call tracking software that enables marketers to connect a unique phone number to each of their ad campaigns. It is set with the help of a short code that is added when you customize an ad.

Why is it important to use DNI?

This feature allows marketers and advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of all of their campaigns, optimize ads that are failing to be productive and control the budget. DNI shows the search history of the leads as well as their route through your website’s pages. With this data, it becomes possible to predict the customers’ behavior and offer them the exact service they are looking for.

How does DNI work?

Installing the DNI feature is as simple as adding a few lines of JavaScript or PHP code to your website. With the DNI enabled, your colleague and you will see a different phone number on the same banner while surfing the net on your laptops.

Dialics provides the dynamic number functionality called ‘number pools’ (NP). Several numbers are united into a pool. When a call is made, the script selects an available number from the pool. As a result, a particular session is linked to a unique phone number, and the analytical data for that session is sent to the Dialics account.

How to set up the DNI on your website?

Here is how to set the functionality of the dynamic call tracking in the account:

  1. In the “Numbers” section, go to “Create Pool”.
  2. Fill in the required parameters. The “Auto buy” option indicates that the numbers will be automatically bought in the amount specified in the “Pool size”.
    Benefits of DNI 1
  3. Now we need to attach the newly created pool to a campaign. Go to campaign editing in the “Tracking Number” section. Click “Edit tracking number” and specify the created NP to the campaign number.
    Benefits of the DNI 2
  4. Next, click on “Pool” to see the JavaScript code that you need to place on your site.
    Benefits of the DNI 3
  5. Here is the code that you should place on your website and check if it works. Make sure you don’t change anything!
    Benefits of the DNI 4

What are the benefits of Dynamic Number Insertion?

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a straightforward approach to track the marketing expenditure for any company that communicates with clients over the phone.

Providing each caller with a separate phone number reveals:

  • The information about your target audience (their location, gender, income level).
  • The most productive marketing channel (the one generating most of the calls).
  • The browsing journey of your customers (the requests they googled, the landing pages they appeared on, etc.).

Armed with the above-mentioned information, you can optimize the campaigns and increase earnings, as well as revise your marketing approach, website content, and develop a more targeted newsletter. It is even feasible to modify the product by adding or removing some additional features according to your customers’ preferences.

Who should use DNI?

Call tracking software is used by organizations such as travel agencies, car insurance companies, hotels, and restaurants. All of them may have several online or offline marketing campaigns, and DNI will demonstrate how those channels create leads. Besides, DNI is safe for local SEO as it does not disrupt the NAP coherence of the site. More information on this topic may be found in the article Call Tracking and Local SEO.


DNI offers firms a wealth of useful information that may aid in business development and sustainability. Do not hesitate to register on Dialics, if you are ready to begin your marketing adventure as an expert. A free trial period allows you to explore the functionality and make a reasonable decision.

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  1. Rob May 30, 2022

    What is the difference between dynamic and static numbers?

    1. Dialics Team May 30, 2022

      Hello, Rob.
      Please see our blog article on this subject –

  2. Ilse June 7, 2022

    Thanks for the detailed guide!

    1. Dialics Team June 7, 2022

      Hi, Ilse.
      We are glad to be of help.

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