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What Are the Benefits of Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

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April 4, 2024

Disclaimer: DNI allows marketers to receive detailed information about the effectiveness of their call tracking campaigns and make relevant and instant changes.

If a marketer uses only one advertising channel, they know where the customers come from. In the modern digital world, no business relies on a single traffic channel. But how can a marketer understand which of the ads generate leads if they use several advertising channels? How can they guess where to invest more promotion budgets? This is the situation where the DNI feature is used.

What is Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

Dynamic number insertion is a handy feature of the call tracking software that enables marketers to connect a unique phone number to each interaction session with their ads or website. It is set with the help of a short code that is added while customizing an ad. As a result, each viewer of the ad or a landing page visitor is shown a different phone number to connect with the business. If leads decide to call, every interaction will be visible in the call tracking analytics with its distinctive parameters. The parameters depend on the settings. They might include the location of the caller, keywords, marketing channels, etc. Thus, every call is a separate treasure trove of insights for marketers, affiliates, and advertisers.

Why is it important to use DNI?

This feature allows marketers and advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of all of their campaigns, optimize ads that are failing to be productive, and control the budget. DNI allows for gathering important parameters about the target audience. With this data, it becomes possible to attract more high-quality leads and target lookalike audiences.

How does DNI work?

Implementing the DNI feature is as simple as adding a few lines of JavaScript or PHP code to your website. With the DNI enabled, your colleague and you will see a different phone number on the same banner while surfing the net on your laptops.

Dialics provides the dynamic number insertion functionality in combination with configuring the ‘Number Pools’ (NP) and “Traffic Source”.

A number pool unites multiple virtual phone numbers in a group. When the DNI is set, the system selects a random number from the pool and shows it to each new website visitor. When a visitor calls, the Dialics call log reflects the metrics of this call in the call log. The metrics depend on the settings. There might be as many numbers in the pool as a Dialics user needs. Usually, it depends on the Internet connection and traffic. The more leads call you, the more numbers you need to add to the pool. Learn more about creating number pools in this article.

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How to set up the DNI on your website?

Each virtual phone number that you add to the campaign can be used either statically or dynamically.

  • Static numbers are best used for offline advertising, such as newspaper banners, public transport, or street billboards and signs.
  • Dynamic numbers can be used in ads on Google, Facebook, or Bing.

When you choose dynamic numbers, you should customize additional settings. Then, a JS code will be generated by the system. You will need to insert it into your webpage. Please read more about JS code here.

However, configuring the DNI functionality without setting the traffic source parameters will not provide you with detailed information. Traffic source parameters are important for gathering the information you need from the inbound calls.

What are the benefits of DNI?

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) is a straightforward approach to tracking the marketing expenditure for any company that communicates with clients over the phone.

Providing each caller with a separate phone number reveals:

  • Information about your target audience (their location, gender, income level).
  • The most productive marketing channel (the one generating most of the calls).
  • The possibility for improvement (which keywords attract more leads, which creatives work best).
  • Budget optimization routes (where to invest more and how to reduce costs).

Armed with the above-mentioned information, you can optimize the campaigns and increase earnings, as well as revise your marketing approach, website content, and develop a more targeted newsletter. It is even feasible to modify the product by adding or removing some additional features according to your customers’ preferences.

Who should use DNI?

Call tracking software is used by organizations such as travel agencies, car insurance companies, hotels, and restaurants. All of them may have several online or offline marketing campaigns, and DNI will demonstrate how those channels create leads. Besides, DNI is safe for local SEO as it does not disrupt the NAP coherence of the site. More information on this topic may be found in the article Call Tracking and Local SEO.


DNI offers firms a wealth of useful information that may aid in business development and sustainability. Do not hesitate to register on Dialics, if you are ready to begin your marketing adventure as an expert. A free trial period allows you to explore the functionality and make a reasonable decision.>

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