Vendors: Role Description

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Vendors are the partners, affiliates, or third-party companies that drive traffic to your call-tracking campaigns. They play a crucial role in generating calls and leads, which are then routed to the appropriate destinations or buyers.

In other words, these are arbitrators who deal with advertising and lead generation. Since vendors generate calls, they need phone numbers to use in their advertising. By assigning different phone numbers to different vendors, you can distinguish call statistics. This allows you to understand which vendor generated a specific number of calls.

The presence of vendors in the system is not mandatory, but in the classic scheme, they are present (see diagram).

The vendor generates calls, and the buyer purchases them. There's an intermediary manager who oversees the process. Vendors and buyers don't have direct knowledge of each other. They all have an agreement with the manager, who buys calls from vendors and resells them to buyers. For instance, the manager buys calls from the vendor for $1 and sells them to the buyer for $2. To facilitate this, it's crucial to understand how many calls each vendor has generated. This represents the classic usage scenario of Dialics in a pay-per-call system. The presence of vendors is not mandatory since the manager can generate calls independently, essentially acting as a vendor.

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