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Best Tips to Handle Irate Customers on the Phone

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April 4, 2024

Disclaimer: Skipper did it for us in the Madagascar movie: “Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.”

Dialics is a call tracking software, so the initial interaction with a lead occurs over the phone. If you have registered an account on Dialics, you are managing it, but it does not necessarily mean that you are receiving the calls. The settings of the software enable you to specify several call destinations, and you may never speak with an actual client on the phone. However, it is good practice to look beyond the limits of your duties. Besides, your vendors may ask you for a piece of advice on how to convert a picky client into a loyal customer. Show your competence on this issue, and it will be added to your credit.

If you are managing a call tracking account for the sake of your own business, that implies you're the one on the phone with your leads. Unfortunately, not all the calls are successful, and not all the callers are pleasant people. But you have to adapt if you wish to increase your profit and conversion rates.

Who is calling?

First, it is important to distinguish between a customer that is upset because of you and a customer who is simply having a bad day. The first type is waiting for an excuse, while the second will be happy with a hint of support. Other difficult clients on the phone include indecisive ones. They usually ask thousands of questions and do not make any choices. Be careful not to be too pushy with them. Also, you may encounter overly critical callers. They seem to be experts in your product more than you are and provide you with useful (to their mind) pieces of advice on how to improve the quality of your product or service. Just stay calm.

We have compiled a list of tips that will work for you in case any of the above-mentioned types call.

  1. Listen the first and most important step is to listen attentively. Ask clarifying questions if you feel you do not understand the issue. This is especially crucial at the beginning of your path, as your callers provide you with the keywords and pains that you will further use in the ad campaigns to make them more customer-oriented. You may even opt to adjust the functioning of your product or service based on the remarks.
  2. Stay calm if you feel there is some tension growing on the line, do not be exposed. You may offer a callback if you feel you need help with the issue. You may try either asking some more questions or repeating the request of the caller to show that you are listening and eager to offer your product or service to them. If you lose your temper, you will lose the customer. If a customer posts a poor review, it cannot be removed from the internet.
  3. Be friendly imagine you are talking to someone you know. Studying the script of the answers is vital. However, try to avoid sounding too formal. Do not forget to smile. Although the caller does not see you, it is always well perceived when the person answering the line is glad you called.
  4. Ask questions those may be questions about the product package, the delivery address, or contact details, as well as questions to understand what exactly the customer is waiting for from you and what concerns they have. Questions show your audience matters to your company.
  5. Apologize if needed be ready to accept your failures. If the caller is angry with you because you made them wait on the line for too long or routed them to the wrong department, you should apologize and promise that it will never happen again. That always sounds better than an excuse, even if it was not your fault.
  6. Take nothing personally people tend to be rude. Sometimes they say and think afterwards. Sometimes they do not think at all. The main thing is that they do not know you personally, so their remarks cannot be objective. The thing that proves your competence is the number of converted calls and not someone’s critical comment.
  7. Offer a solution any conversation should be logically finished. For example, you may put the person on a waiting list. If your caller is not yet ready to place an order, you can agree to follow up with some additional information later. You may also take notes so as not to forget about the case.
  8. Follow up with a case customers like attention. But do not be irritating. It is good to send them your newsletter once in a while or connect with them if there are special offers and bonuses. And, without a doubt, you should follow up with the client who hesitated or had a difficult request. Those steps will build your customers’ loyalty and contribute to word-of-mouth marketing.

Bottom line

The best idea is to stay calm in any situation. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid difficult customers, but we can change our attitude towards them. Thus, call tracking software involves not only marketing skills but also communication competence. Even if you are not taking calls personally, it is always beneficial to improve your soft skills. Dialics offers a free trial period, which is a good chance to explore the functionality before committing to a purchase.

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LeahJune 1, 2022
That is a very useful list of recommendations. Thank you!
MaryJune 6, 2022
I wish I had never had angry callers:)

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