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Cloud Calling Software: How It Can Help Your Business

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April 8, 2024

Disclaimer: Call centers and businesses successfully use cloud calling solutions due to their ability to save storage space and user-friendliness.

Cloud technologies have greatly penetrated our modern world. They proved to be a reliable tool and managed to cope with the challenges of the pandemic or employees’ preferences to work from a convenient location. Cloud solutions allow businesses to save costs, guarantee a convenient working environment for the staff, and expand the market to other countries. In this article, we will concentrate on the benefits of cloud software for calling purposes and try to convince you it’s worth trying if you haven’t yet.

What is cloud calling?

For the participants, cloud telephony is technically equivalent to traditional telephone. When a customer sees a phone number, they dial it on their smartphone, and the destination agent replies and assists them. The distinction is due to technological advancements. The call is made through the Internet; no cords, additional devices, SIM cards, or anything else are required. Therefore, to implement cloud calling solutions, businesses need to find a provider. Usually, such providers not only offer virtual phone numbers but are also ready to assist with a whole scope of business communication functionality. Cloud calling services include the following:

  • Call tracking
  • Analytical data on calls
  • Call routing
  • Cloud call centers
  • Integration possibilities
  • etc.

What are the key benefits of cloud calling?

Cloud telephony holds many advantages for business owners.

Short learning curve

Cloud-based technologies do not necessitate new infrastructure or time-consuming installation procedures. The software is easily integrated into the existing environment, and the staff does not need much time to learn it. The interface is usually simple and clear. The functionality adapts easily to corporate CRM systems and opens up more possibilities for the team. Besides, most providers offer a free trial period to test the features and make a thoughtful final decision.

Better performance

The ease of use of cloud calling solutions results in high-performance outcomes. Agents have all the necessary data at their fingertips. The inbound calls and the information about the leads are stored safely in the call log and can be examined at any time to get insights and optimize marketing campaigns. A conversation intelligence system and the possibility to record voice calls allow managers and team leads to timely evaluate the agents’ work and arrange a soft skills training session if needed. It will increase customer satisfaction levels and promote conversions.

Remote business

Cloud technologies do not need a physical location. Therefore, the team should not necessarily be in one place. Remote work and travel opportunities for the staff increase their motivation at work. Your agents become satisfied, and they are happy to talk to potential customers. Call centers can operate from any location. The crucial thing for a successful call center is the competence of the staff, not the position of the office. International numbers are used when a company is ready to expand into neighboring markets. As a result, a company can have virtual local phone numbers in many countries while remaining in one location.

Cutting-edge technology

The world is turning toward simplicity. The more conveniently and quickly you get the service done, the better. Cloud software does not require any special maintenance. The updates are also taken from the cloud. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are already here. Why use outdated landlines and bulky equipment? Keep up with the time!

Cloud software’s contribution to local presence

Local presence matters to most of the customers. People are more likely to answer a cold call or dial a local number. A familiar phone number ensures that a company's office is nearby and that it can be reached in an emergency. Business owners may say it is a deceptive impression that they have to make on potential audiences. However, an unfamiliar and foreign number fails to make any impression at all.

Cloud calling providers offer international numbers to their customers. It means that any business can expand into neighboring markets with the help of a couple of local virtual numbers purchased from a call tracking provider. Then, advertisers adjust those numbers for ads shown to potential customers in the chosen countries, and the business is growing. Without leaving a physical location, you can reach new audiences.

How can a local presence help your business?

  • New markets: With the help of virtual phone numbers, business owners can attract foreign clients. It is an excellent opportunity to conduct market research. If customers are interested in your items, you may want to consider creating another office there. However, if your business operates totally online - let’s say it is an affiliate marketing or media buying agency - you can work from anywhere in the world and create suitable ad campaigns with relevant virtual phone numbers.
  • High conversions: To make a conversion happen, several factors should play well. Competent help from the agent handling the call is one of them. Therefore, business owners should think about relevant training and motivating work conditions. Cloud-calling software enables employees to work from home and travel. Besides, if you decide to go global, there is no need to hire and train new staff. The staff turnover will be low, and managers will concentrate on more important tasks like increasing sales.
  • Saved budgets: Cloud tools are cheap and easy to maintain. You can save on hardware, updates, and steep learning curves. The data regarding calls, contact details of the leads, relevant keywords, etc. is kept on one platform and accessible to all participants. Therefore, it is easy to get started for new team members, and the evaluation process is simple and transparent. Relocation costs are irrelevant because market opportunities are open everywhere.
  • Extended team: Cloud calling solutions enable managers to hire the best experts from around the world. International phone numbers demonstrate the local presence in any country, while the team members can be somewhere else. Since visas and work permissions are not relevant, you can hunt for true professionals and outsource parts of the tasks.
  • Brand image: Local presence creates the image of a huge enterprise with offices all around the world. If your customers know about your product, it will be pleasant for them to learn that you are close by, right in their neighborhood. Implementing extra features, such as a multilingual IVR menu or call routing to handle calls 24 hours a day, improves the image of a serious organization, attracts new clients, and boosts income.


Cloud calling software significantly facilitates business processes. It is easy to implement, easy to maintain, and it allows easy scaling. Cloud tools can be successfully used by call and contact centers, marketing agencies, affiliates, and any other type of business that involves phone communication with customers. Set clear goals and make sure you know what you expect from a solution before making a choice.

If you are interested in the Dialics call tracking cloud platform, please request a demo. Our staff will be happy to show you around.

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