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How Can Your Cleaning Business Attract More Customers?

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Follow the essential steps in building and promoting a successful cleaning business.

Cleaning businesses are popular nowadays, as people prefer to spend less time on their household chores and more time with friends and family. With the affordability of the cleaning services, it has become even more convenient. By offering high-quality services, you can build your brand awareness pretty quickly and provide your employees with a steady flow of clients. While a company that is just starting out is looking for leads, a company that has been in the theme for quite some time is attempting to retain existing clients and attract more loyal customers.

We have prepared a list of tips that can be helpful for both types of companies on their way to commercial success.

Relevant targeting

As with any other type of business, you need to have a detailed customer profile. Targeting everyone is a dead end. You should know who your potential customer is, how much they earn, what kind of service they are expecting from you, and what the best channel to reach them is.

To create a detailed profile, you may wish to try several different ads and traffic sources to understand which works best for your clientele. For instance, you may place a Google ad, print some handouts for the offline location, create a landing page, and launch a Facebook ad. How can you tell which one works the best? Asking every person who calls may irritate potential customers. A useful tool to deal with those issues is a call tracking platform like Dialics. With similar solutions, you assign a separate virtual phone number to each of the campaigns and receive analytical data in the account the moment leads start calling. The data reveals how many people call from each of the ads, how much the lead costs, and what the geographical location of the callers is. Thus, you will gain insights on the most productive traffic channel, be able to monitor the costs, and, most importantly, you will get a customer profile. With Dialics, you will know the following things about your customers:

  • their location and income level
  • sites and marketplaces where they tend to appear
  • peak hours and weekdays when they prefer to call most frequently
  • keywords from the ads that attract them

Detailed marketing strategy

With an advanced customer profile at hand, you need to think of an appropriate marketing strategy.

  • Think of a thorough marketing funnel. You need to have a lead magnet to grab the attention of the audience, the main product to offer, as well as loyalty offers and various bonuses for the existing clients.
  • Choose the most productive traffic channels and focus your efforts on them. Design eye-catching ads with appropriate keywords and CTA buttons. Make it easy for your clients to reach you.
  • Gather any contacts your customers share with you. You can further distribute a newsletter with discounts and special offers to retain clients in the marketing funnel.
  • Brush up on your website. Add useful and free content to it to win customers’ trust. Make your website trendy to take advantage of the organic traffic later.

Customer referral program

Any business that implies direct interaction with customers has a significant advantage over other types of businesses. This advantage lies in the interaction process. Develop the soft skills of your staff, and they will interact with consumers and provide you with honest feedback. Besides, they can spread information about referral programs to attract new clients. However, word of mouth advertising is strong, but only in the condition of perfect customer service. People tend to recommend things they really like themselves, so make sure you offer a service of the highest quality.

Brand awareness

The last but not least important tip is creating your brand image. Introduce your firm to people and make them recognize you among similar solutions. If you wish to offer office cleaning, participating in various networking events will be effective. Learn about any upcoming business events and try to attend them. In the conditions of fierce competition, people trust those who they know personally or those recommended by reliable peers. Do not ignore the six handshakes rule in business.


Gaining leads for the cleaning business is as challenging as for any other business. Because they reflect universal principles for running a successful business, the aforementioned tips can be applied to both small and large businesses. Add some luck, continuous work, and a couple of handy tools to this recipe. The call tracking platform is the latter one. We have mentioned the benefits of call tracking for home service businesses in one of our most recent posts. We would be pleased to help you if you are thinking about the possibility of monitoring your advertising initiatives.

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KananJuly 19, 2022
A well-structured outline. Thank you!
AOctober 26, 2022
Automating some routine procedures is another benefit of call tracking for business owners.