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What Is a Toll-Free Number and Why Do You Need One

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April 9, 2024

Toll-free 800 numbers demonstrate reliable and profitable businesses. Customers can dial a number at any time and clarify all hesitations without being charged.

Businesses choose various types of phone numbers to pursue their goals. Local phone numbers, for instance, seem more reliable for the target audience. Vanity numbers are eye-catching and easily memorized. Toll-free numbers transmit the image of a lucrative company able to cover all call expenses for their customers.

In this blog post, we will focus on toll-free numbers and figure out what they are and what benefits they disclose for different businesses.

What Is a Toll-Free Number?

A toll-free number begins with a three-digit code (800, 811, 822, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888) and can be dialed from anywhere in the world. Customers of various services can call toll-free numbers for free consultations or extra information. Typically, well-known enterprises with a solid reputation can afford to cover their clients' phone fees. However, toll-free numbers are also popular among smaller businesses to convey the image of a prospering and caring enterprise and get more leads.

How Do Toll-Free Numbers Work?

Customers dial a toll-free number and are immediately connected to the business. If an IVR menu is implemented, the call is transferred to the required department or expert. The call is totally free for the caller, as the business owning the number pays for the minutes of the call.

How does call tracking work?

Benefits of Toll-Free Numbers for Business

Customer satisfaction

First, toll-free numbers can be easily memorized. Second, they are free for the callers. People are likely to dial toll-free numbers if they wish to find out more information about a product or service or place an order. Increase the competence of your staff, implement call routing for 24/7 service, and high levels of customer experience are guaranteed. Make each interaction with your business a pleasant experience and increase conversions.

Easy scalability

Toll-free numbers often indicate international business. It means, you can expand your advertising campaigns worldwide while physically staying in one place. IVR menus, multilingual greetings, and call routing possibilities make the process of business expansion smoother and more attractive for customers.

Brand awareness

A business phone number is also part of the brand. A toll-free number shows your global accessibility. It communicates the message of a huge corporation that is ready to cover costs and provide competent support to its customers from any location. Make sure your agents are competent and ready to deal with any kind of query.

Business credibility

If a company can afford to cover call costs for its customers, it speaks volumes about the company’s image. Toll-free numbers make your business look serious and reliable, so customers are likely to call. Free calls mean that people will be eager to get in contact with a company, which will result in a higher number of generated leads. Utilize toll-free numbers to deal with more leads and boost sales.

How to Get a Toll-Free Number with Dialics

Companies gain helpful insights regarding their marketing strategies if they employ a call tracking system along with their business phone numbers. Dialics offers its users a powerful platform for call tracking. Besides virtual business numbers of any desirable type, you get a whole toolkit for call monitoring, call forwarding, and data gathering regarding the ongoing advertising campaigns. Let’s figure out the process of purchasing a toll-free number with Dialics.

  1. Register an account: It takes a couple of minutes to register an online account on the website.
  2. Pass the verification: It is required to guarantee the safety of the data for our users.
  3. Bind a payment card: All the payments for utilizing the platform as well as for calls and call minutes are made online with a valid card.
  4. Purchase numbers: Dialics does not limit its users to a certain number or type of virtual phone numbers. You can select as many numbers as your business requires and test the results.
  5. Create ads: Allocate purchased numbers to your advertising campaigns. The interface of the platform is intuitive. However, our technical team is always there to assist with any issues.
  6. Monitor and gain insights: Here is where the magic starts. When people start calling the numbers from your ads and you or your agents handle them, you will receive analytical data in the account. It includes valuable information regarding the most productive traffic channel, the most appealing keywords, call recordings, costs, etc.

Best Practices for Utilizing Toll-Free Numbers

Maximize the benefits of toll-free numbers for your business with the following recommendations:

Improve customer experience on the phone: Implement routing and an IVR menu for fast service and competent expert support. Dividing the types of requests among the agents of the call center also makes their routine less stressful.

Make your business accessible from any location: Opt for toll-free numbers if you run an international business. Toll-free numbers are free and safe for the callers, so there will be no difficulties for your target audience to contact you.

✅ Utilize toll-free numbers, if your business falls into one of the following domains:

  • Retail business
  • Hospitality business
  • Healthcare
  • After-sales support

All the above-mentioned business domains assume the possibility of urgent calls and the necessity of fast, competent assistance. Offer that support to your customers, and they will demonstrate their loyalty. Toll-free numbers protect callers from charges. In combination with qualified help, the phone service increases customer satisfaction and boosts conversions.


Toll-free numbers provide your customers with the possibility of reaching your business from any location without fear of being charged for that. Perfect customer service contributes greatly to the brand’s image. Your customers will retain loyalty and bring in more similar audiences. While toll-free numbers are often associated with huge corporations, they may turn out to be an easy way for smaller businesses to show up.

Dialics is happy to offer its users toll-free business numbers accompanied by a complete toolkit of functionality. Please contact our team to schedule a demo session.


How much does a toll-free number cost?

Dialics offers toll-free numbers with additional functionality. The price is calculated individually depending on the state, amount of numbers, and call minutes. Please consult the pricing page for more details.

How many toll-free numbers can I purchase?

You can have as many numbers as you need for your advertising campaigns. Dialics does not impose limitations on its users.

Should I buy a toll-free or local business number?

It depends on the goal you wish to achieve. Local numbers help you appear closer to your target market. Toll-free numbers are attractive for callers because they are free, so you can get more inbound calls.

Can I purchase a number that has letters instead of numbers?

Phone numbers that contain letters are called vanity numbers, e.g., 1800-FLOWERS. Because they are easy to remember, their objective is to attract more leads. However, with the ability to make immediate calls on web adverts and banners, their appeal is decreasing. Dialics currently does not provide vanity numbers to its customers.

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