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Why Should Colleges Use Call Tracking?

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April 9, 2024

Disclaimer: Call tracking software enables colleges and universities to better understand their potential students and tailor the advertising campaigns to attract more of the same target audience.

The times when the education level depended only on the status and income level of parents are gone. Luckily, education has become available for most citizens. The choice of the offered programs is staggering, and the quantity of colleges and universities pushes those institutions towards fierce competition.

Representing a modern college with cutting-edge resources and skilled staff, do you know who your potential students are? Do you know how they find you? Do you have any ideas on how to make the next enrollment campaign more effective?

Call tracking software for colleges is the tool that is able to answer all those questions. It is easy to navigate and it will provide you with valuable insights right from the first day of applying it. Let’s have a closer look at how it works.

Education marketing without call tracking software

Let’s imagine you work for the marketing department of a college and wish to increase conversions. You have launched several ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, paid for an online banner, and printed brochures for mailbox delivery.

When potential students or their parents start calling, your responding agents try to provide them with the most relevant information regarding the programs, admission process, tuition fees, etc.

The result of the call may be an appointment with an enrollment agent, an email address for the caller, or a we-will-sleep-on-it response. You might have an Excel-like spreadsheet with personal details of the callers and some remarks about their decision if all of the agents demonstrate a diligent attitude to their duties. There will still be the following issues to be resolved:

  • Which of the ads works best in terms of the number of generated calls?
  • Who is your target audience? Is there anything they have in common?
  • How to receive MORE calls?

Education marketing with call tracking software

Now let’s describe a similar situation with a note that your marketing department exploited a call tracking solution on the stage of creating ad campaigns. It means that all of your ads have a call tracking virtual number on them, and when a potential student dials a phone, you receive analytical data into your call tracking account. How does it help you?

  1. Your agents know where the caller is from and how they learned about the enrollment campaign. Therefore, agents are better prepared and demonstrate a personalized approach, improving customer satisfaction.“You're from Georgia, right? The following amenities are available to new students:...”"You received our newsletter, right? Would you want to follow our news by subscribing to our college blog?”
  2. You see which of the ads work best. The quantity of the inbound calls from each ad is reflected in the account. If you discover that brochures aren't generating new leads for you, you may opt to put more money into Facebook marketing, for example. As a consequence, your efforts are concentrated on the most profitable traffic sources and you do not lose funds.
  3. You listen to the call recordings. Yes, the call recordings are stored safely in the account and are accessible to the manager of the account only. Thus, you can turn back to any call at any time, catch the keywords your students use, understand their expectations better, and optimize the advertisements according to those insights.Besides, while listening, you assess the performance of your agents. You can tell if they are truly making an effort to draw potential students to your educational facility or if they may benefit from soft skills training to improve how they engage with callers and strengthen their persuasion abilities.
  4. You set the destinations for the calls, specify the working hours, allow a call back request or an agent speaking a different language if your institution is a multinational one. With those features enabled, you will not lose a single lead, and your clients will feel valued and treated right.


It goes without saying that the second scenario is more preferable for any college that wishes to teach more students and receive high reviews.

Dialics call tracking offers a free trial period without restrictions on its functionality. Therefore, you can learn about the possibilities before making a final decision. The technical team is constantly working on improving the product, and they are happy to show you around if you request a demo. Feel free to subscribe to our blog and learn more about the benefits of call tracking for various types of businesses.

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YángAugust 26, 2022
For what period are the call recordings kept in the account?