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Why Media Buying Agencies Need Pay Per Call in 2022?

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April 10, 2024

Disclaimer: Pay Per Call enables media buyers to enhance their advertising services and increase profit.

All of the top corporations today have a reliable media buyer on their team. If not, they refer to the services of media buying agencies. Why is that important? Because successful businesses do not want to waste money on advertising trying to guess the best traffic source. They prefer to hire experts who know how things work in the sphere of marketing.

Media buying agencies purchase space and time on online and offline platforms, such as Youtube, popular websites, TV, radio, and others. They negotiate budgets with clients and publishers, optimize campaigns, and improve performance indicators. Media agencies conduct market research, determine the target audience, and use metrics and software tools to measure the results of the ad campaigns. To put it simply, if you have a product that you wish to sell, you go to the media buying agency and they will make it sell like hot cakes. Their services are not cheap, but they provide excellent value in the long term.

Challenges of media buying

There are many media buying agencies today, and to stay afloat, they have to offer high-quality services. That is why they deal with the following issues:

  • Relevant metrics: Media buying agencies should have the proper analytical capabilities and reliable tools to measure the performance of their ad campaigns. When it comes to high-level services, it is crucial for them to know precisely which campaign is working best, generating the maximum quality leads that can be easily converted. Advertisers pay for the leads, so agencies should be aware of where to find those leads.
  • Instant campaign optimization: If marketing results are available only when the campaign is finished, there is no chance to improve the situation. So, media buyers are in need of solutions that can provide them with real-time analytics. In this case, ads can be adjusted and the whole marketing strategy optimized to enhance the results.
  • Clear-cut requirements: Business is like war sometimes. Unfortunately, not all participants are ready to play it fair. There are cases of placing ads on fraudulent websites, calls and clicks made by bots, unclear conversion conditions, etc. To avoid unpleasant situations, media buyers should clearly formulate the conditions of work and be able to provide clients with transparent analytics on the calls and clicks generated by their ads.

Why Media Buyers Need PPC

What is Pay Per Call?

Pay per call is a marketing tool that implies assigning each of the ad campaigns a separate virtual phone number. A person who saw a billboard advertising the real estate agency and a person who saw the agency's banner on a web page will dial two different phone numbers. Those two calls will be directed to your customer, i.e. to the real estate agency, but the analytical data will be immediately shown in the pay per call account. This data includes the duration of the call, the location of the caller, the recording of the call, who was the first to hang up, etc. Thus, the person who registered an account on the pay per call platform possesses all the transparent information about the leads generated by their ad campaigns.

Benefits of the pay per call for media buyers

A media buying agency exploiting the opportunities of pay per call campaigns obtains several significant advantages.

Transparent analytics

The account contains all the details regarding the inbound calls. Whether the calls were missed, duplicated, or taken. Besides, call tracking software is able to block spam and scum calls. Thus, the campaigns are protected against any fraud and mistaken payments. The data can be downloaded in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, so it is easy to share with the advertisers. The information on calls can be gathered in a caller profile to get a better understanding of the target audience. Those profiles are used to improve the campaigns and provide customers with a better experience. The settings customize the destination for calls from different geographical locations and time zones, which is convenient for huge companies with multiple offices across the country.

Real-time modification

The ongoing ad campaigns can be modified in real time. If you see the ad generating too few calls or the price for the lead is too high, you can turn the campaign off with one click. Listening to the recording of the calls, you can change the wording of the campaigns and add more keywords that are widely used by the customers. Besides, you can add several destinations, optimize the business hours and set the automated routing to make sure not a single lead is missed.

Better performance

Pay per call enables media buying agencies to improve the performance of their campaigns. As a result, they provide their customers with better results, receive positive feedback, and add to their competitive edge among similar agencies.


Media buyers significantly improve their expertise with the help of the pay per call advertising method. If you are considering pay per call as an option, do not hesitate to contact the Dialics team. Our specialists will be happy to explain all the details to you.

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